The left's promotion of World War III

Note, in particular, 

"Top Biden aides signal openness to letting Ukraine strike Russia with US weapons"


You go, left wing.
It is more than clear how you desire to promote World War III.
Over, God help us, Ukraine.
Why on earth does Ukraine matter so much to you?


"Ukraine setbacks nudge Biden toward allowing use of U.S. weapons in Russia
The U.S. reassessment of its policy comes after Russia’s assault on the city of Kharkiv and a chorus of pressure from European allies."


That's what you lefty's love.
War, war, war.
Face up to your responsibility:
It is the left that is promoting this war.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON the U.S. should care a fig about who controls Kyiv.
Enough with this war-mongering sickness.
Enough with the desire to place offensive weapons right on Russia's border.
How would America like for Russian missiles to be placed on its border?
This is an issue that such as Josh Rogin and Max Boot refuse to acknowledge.

Only the deceivers can fail to acknowledge how these escalations are leading the world closer to World War III.


Is it fair to say the left is promoting WWII?
No, some, maybe many, Republicans are promoting it too.
But look at the vote counts in a key vote:

votes by party
Republican 101 112 1 4
Democratic 210 0 0 3

Get the picture?
100% of Dems voted for that $61 billion for Ukraine;
only around half, actually less than half, of Reps voted for it.

For Larry Johnson's take on this, see
https://sonar21.com/the-west-is-losing-it-maybe-it-is-time-for-high-hopes/ (2024-05-30)


‘War has found them’: Biden’s Ukraine gamble sets a new course
The president was convinced to take the risk by his team and pressure from allies.



"Russia warns US of ‘fatal consequences’ over miscalculations in Ukraine
“They underestimate the seriousness of the rebuff they may receive,” Russian minister says."



Paul Craig Roberts 

Scott Ritter and Andrew Napolitano 
"On My Way to Russia I Met Big Brother" 3min


Polling Americans on their support, or not, for Ukraine:

A partisan divide:
"Roughly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the U.S. is providing too much support to Ukraine, 
compared with 16% of Democrats and Democratic leaners."


Oh God -
Here is another powerful Democrat, Senator Coons, pushing towards WWIII:


Jeez, can't the politicians avoid provoking WWIII?


Jews assassinating Jews

One thing that should clearly stand out is the refusal to accept a two-state solution to the long-running conflict in Palestine.

There once was an Israeli Prime Minister who was willing to work towards that.
And what happened to him?
He was killed, assassinated, not by a Palestinian, but by another Jew.


So much for a two-state solution.


Jews claiming to be victims

Is that title "antisemitic"?

Well, consider this claim of victimhood:


Jeesh, don't Jews ever get tired of claiming to be victims?

A subsidiary point here:
The use of the legal system to advance specifically Jewish interests.


For some general background, listen to what John Mearsheimer has to say here:

The part I think is relevant is the claim that SOME Jews are trying to shut down discussion of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.
Again, SOME Jews are claiming that to oppose Israel is to be antisemitic.

True, Jews have been the victim of antisemitism, both in the past and, unfortunately, even now.
But to use that fact to shut down legitimate criticism of Israel's actions 
I think is an abomination.

FARA - for me, not for thee


<Blockquote>Crowds began gathering outside the parliament building in central Tbilisi [Georgia] early Wednesday, just a day after security forces beat back and detained demonstrators protesting the government’s controversial plans to label NGOs, media outlets and campaign groups receiving funding from abroad as <b>“foreign agents.”</b>

Critics say the bill, which was passed by MPs at its third reading on Tuesday, mirrors Russian-style legislation that has been used by the Kremlin to quash dissent and target activists.


Washington almost immediately hinting it could sanction top politicians if the bill is made law.</blockquote>

Compare the U.S. FARA - Foreign Agents Registration Act


An update:


<Blockquote>Officials responsible for pushing forward Georgia’s <b>Russian-style “foreign agents” law</b> could face asset freezes and travel bans under a new bill to be presented to the U.S. Congress.</blockquote>

This is utterly sick.
The U.S. has its FARA.
Note how the media and politics are full of Russia-hating hypocrites, ignoring the double standard that should be obvious to them.


The Ukraine drain

If you know your history, you know that Ukraine constantly comes to the U.S., asking for more billions in aid.

$61 billion in 2024?
Not enough.
Yet more is expected to be requested, before the end of the year.

“The next thing to focus on is the Defense Department budget for next year. The president’s requests have not been adequate. We need to make sure we’re doing more in Defense through the regular appropriations process,” McConnell told reporters after Congress passed $61 billion for Ukraine last month.

Senate aides expect the Biden administration will come back to Congress for another request for military aid for Ukraine after the November election, probably in late November or December.


A congressional aide estimated that Defense Department officials would begin putting together a new request for more military aid to Ukraine in September.</blockquote>

We shall see how Congress rates U.S. defense needs relative to the demands of Ukraine.



Oh God!
Here we go again:

“We need hundreds of billions in order to win the war,” said Denys Maliuska.


Yo American leaders:
Do you really love Ukraine?
Do you really want to sacrifice the American interest to what SOME in Ukraine want?
Yet more totally unnecessary destruction, lives lost, and expense.


War and politics

In the U.S., the pattern, or correlation, seems clear.

The Democrats love Ukraine.
The GOP loves Israel.
So we have The Party of Ukraine and The Party of Israel.
Each a war party.

Both Ukraine and Israel are enmeshed in wars without a clear ending point.
Both are strongly supported by the U.S.

Both nations should negotiate a reasonable peace with their respective adversaries, 
but it doesn't seem the U.S. will use its leverage with each nation to get them to do that.


The elite versus the people

Nothing could make that clearer than this:

<Blockquote>After Ukraine funding win, Biden shifts his messaging strategy
Foreign policy hands want the administration to keep pressing the case for supporting Ukraine. But election considerations are creeping in, fast.

President Joe Biden scored a massive foreign policy win with the passage of a foreign aid bill last week that included $60 billion for Ukraine.

But now, having cleared that hurdle, his team is poised to make America’s ongoing commitment to the Ukraine war less of a public focus, as it addresses an electorate preoccupied with economic concerns.</blockquote>

That's right.
Push through a giveaway to Ukraine that the big campaign donors and media want, 
and then not talk about what you have just done, and how that $60 billion could have been better spent.

The pot-loving, Ukraine-loving, transgender-loving, great-replacement-loving Democrats are making themselves perfectly clear.

I totally understand how women are concerned about access to abortion.
I really appreciate the dilemmas you face.
But should that be the paramount issue for women?
That is a difficult question.
I don't have the answer.

I guess, thinking about it,
the right should soften its stance on abortion.
I agree with all the pro-life arguments.
But I also appreciate what women desiring abortion are concerned about.
I think it best not to make that the paramount political issue.
There are other, as people well know, issues to be concerned about.

Race, equity, and pot (or "weed")


<Blockquote>Marijuana reform is supported “by people of every age, but very salient to younger voters, African American voters, progressives,” CELINDA LAKE, a Democratic pollster, tells Playbook.
[African-American] Sen. CORY BOOKER (D-N.J.) ... yesterday reintroduced a bill that would decriminalize cannabis...
Booker quipped that Biden “must have been high” to say weed shouldn’t be legalized.</blockquote>

From what I have read, the usage of marijuana is not uniformly distributed across the races.
Could that be part of the reason that outcomes are not equal across racial lines?


We know our Dems:
Pot, transgenderism, and open borders.
And in Virginia, casinos 


The war on the police (aka "Cops")

In the first twenty years of my life, 
living in Wilkinsburg PA, Florissant MO, and Houston TX (as a student at Rice University), 
police were regarded in an entirely positive light.
They were called, and regarded as, "America's finest", or, depending on the jurisdiction, say, "Peoria's finest".

Then, in September 1967, I became a (graduate) student at Brandeis University.
Listening to, and reading, the views of some of my fellow Brandeis students.
How did some of them noisily describe police?
"Cops are pigs" some of them proclaimed.

Well, since the 1960s, we have seen police being demonized in the media.
That seems to be a thing with a sizable part of the media.
And where does this lead?
I think rather directly to this:


I don't think there can be any doubt that the media's relentless desire to demonize police has been a principal factor in the willingness of some to kill police.
Shame on the media!
They are the reprehensible people.

Transgenderism is mental illness

I want to be absolutely clear and unequivocal on that point.