An organization that doesn't give a **** about truth.
See how they coddled the manifest lies of "FloodCzar", over the years.
How can anyone respect an organization that cares so little for truth?
I can't.
It is apparent that, for them, if you're politically correct, telling the truth doesn't matter.

Or, for more, their selective reporting on the race of individuals.
Why are they so selective on reporting on the race of individuals?
Such selective reporting makes their agenda apparent.


Judging the judicial system

Millions of Americans are watching how the judicial system is treating Donald Trump.
Is he being treated fairly?
For example, would the New York prosecution of him overly allegedly exaggerating his financial assets
been brought against him if he were not so unpopular in New York?
Critical people there are NY AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron.

Donald Trump is reacting angrily to the judicial onslaught against him.
See, in particular,

Obviously, Trump is angry.
But who can blame him?

The judicial system relies on the support of the people.
If half of the population views it as persecuting Trump,
some of those people will inevitably start to question the impartiality of the judiciary.


Hyper-politicized academia

Just how political has the academic sector become?
Just read this article:

"Conference Cancels Gender Discussion Over Harm to LGBTQ Community"


An excerpt from the article (emphasis added):

<blockquote>"The session was rejected because it relied on assumptions that run contrary to <b>the settled science</b> in our discipline, 
framed in ways that do harm to vulnerable members of our community," 
the press release said. 
"It commits one of the cardinal sins of scholarship—
it assumes the truth of the proposition that it sets out to prove, 
namely, that sex and gender are simplistically binary, 
and that this is a fact with meaningful implications for the discipline."</blockquote>

In general, science allows its assumptions and reasoning to be challenged, and opened opened up for debate.
It is the AAA that is denying the possibility of debate.
How totalitarian and authoritarian.

Trump paired with Hitler!!!

I think that is pretty remarkable.
Polls show that many Americans idolize Trump.
Will pairing Trump with Hitler
tear down Trump, or build up Hitler?
I think people should think about that.


What Riley Gaines has to put up with

It is really remarkable.

She discusses some of it in this article:


<blockquote>Gaines described her own experiences speaking out against men on women’s sports teams, 
stating that 
she had drinks poured on her, 
glass bottles thrown at her, and 
she’s been spit on. 
She also mentioned 
death threats, 
people showing up at her house, and 
drones flying above her house.

“I’ve been assaulted and held for ransom for four hours 

when these protestors demanded that if I wanted to make it home to see my family safely again, 

I had to pay them money. 

The list goes on,” Gaines said.

Gaines directed attention to the comments on her original social media post to exemplify the “blatantly obvious” reason why women are “scared” to speak out. 

She said that 

“the threats, the risks, they’re very real, 

and I’ve seen them play out.”

“Let’s just read a few of my favorites,” Gaines said as one comment appeared in front of her on screen. 

“This one says, 

‘I hope you get hung by your pubes and kicked in the jaw so you choke on your teeth.’ ”

“This is a classic tactic of what they like to do,” Gaines continued, 

showing a second comment. 

“ ‘If this young woman hurts herself, I blame you.’ 

Basically telling, putting 

the burden of someone else’s internal torment 

on us, as young women and girls, 

and telling us that we will have blood on our hands 

for simply saying the truth.”</blockquote>

Of course, threatening suicide or self-harm 
as a way to either
get what the person wants, or
to promote some change in society
is a tactic that has been used repeatedly in history.
At an elemental level, consider the child that threatens to hold their breath.
At a social level, people committing suicide as a protest has occurred over the years.
Generally, societies don't roll over and rush to grant the wishes of the person who committed suicide.


Classic Hollywood movies circa 1950

Taking a break from writing about current events in the 21C, 
here are some classic Hollywood movies from circa 1950.

1953 Shane https://g.co/kgs/112eku

1952 High Noon https://g.co/kgs/PFYJWS

1949 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon https://g.co/kgs/wjL51v
This will give you a taste of this movie:

1948 Fort Apache https://g.co/kgs/Fuqu91
Fort Apache features a significant role by the 21-year-old Shirley Temple.

All of these movies are examples of the classic era of Hollywood westerns.

Personally, I like the versions of these available at Google TV.
For around $15, you get a nice version you can either watch online or download.

And here is another movie from that period:

1947 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir https://g.co/kgs/EnNAqi
featuring Rex Harrison and a lovely Gene Tierney, with Natalie Wood when she was a child.
Note: Why was the story behind this movie written?
Because so many women in England at the time were war widows, having lost their husbands in the carnage of WW2.


Female impersonaters

NCAA won’t protect female athletes from a trans takeover of their sports


What is most disgusting is the number of doctors, of either medicine or philosophy, who have enabled this trend.
Claiming the destruction of genitals is "health care"?
What an abuse of language.

But hey, it definitely lowers the birth rate.
Destroyed genitals cannot conceive.
Aren't you proud, doctors?
Is that what "Gay Pride" amounts to?


Who the "domestic violent extremists" really are


<blockquote>“Four of us at the ER right now. We are in good spirits and remain undefeated. 
A mob of ‘antifa’ men attacked us, pepper sprayed us in the eyes, punched us, kicked us, and stole our phones. 
We were attempting to have an event about male violence,” 
wrote feminist and writer Lierre Kieth. 
She said that the men stalked the women to their AirBnBs, vandalized their cars as the women prepared to speak at a Women’s Declaration USA’s event in Portland. 
The trans men also vandalized the library where the feminist training event was taking place, forcing the library to close to the public.
“Women’s Declaration 
We also condemn the Portland Police Bureau, which flatly ignored several calls made to 911 while women were being punched, kicked, and pepper-sprayed. 
Portland police knew of the threat in advance. 
The library had been vandalized. 
Our tires were slashed. 
There had already been security breaches at the library that morning. 
The cops had driven by and seen the crowd and chose not to disperse it. 
This was a case of the Portland police knowingly and deliberately abandoning us to a mob,”</blockquote>

Why does the FBI ignore such violent extremism?
Why did the local police not take action?


The War-Woke alliance

It is worthwhile to observe certain correlations of views.

Consider the political landscape in America.
The Democratic Party in America is generally associated with certain ideas, values, and goals ("Our Values"), e.g.
DEI ("diversity, equity, inclusion")
support for transgenderism 
support for war abroad, specifically, support for Ukraine in its struggle with Russia.

OTOH, the Republican Party in America is more divided on one of those issues, wars abroad.
There are a large number of Republicans in the House who oppose unlimited U.S. support for Ukraine.
Such opposition in the Democratic Party has been tamped down.
OTOH, opposition to DEI and massive immigration is widespread in the Republican Party.

Where else can we find a correlation between promoting wars and promoting wokeism?
Two places are notable:
The Washington Post, and the ADL. -
The Axis of War and Woke 


Big Brother comes to America


Good grief, how intrusive can you get?
Stasi would have loved this.

See also