Activism of one transgender person

I have to be careful in what I say, 
because clearly not all people are out to file lawsuits claiming discrimination.
But at least one is, and I think it worthwhile to consider this case.

<blockquote>In 2018, Autumn Scardina, who identifies as transgender, asked Phillips to make a cake celebrating a gender transition – pink on the inside, blue on the outside. 

When Phillips declined, Scardina asked for a cake depicting Satan smoking a marijuana joint – which Phillips also declined.

During the trial phase, "Scardina promised Phillips that, were this suit dismissed, Scardina would call Phillips the next day to request another cake and start another lawsuit," legal documents state.</blockquote>


It seems to me the above is an exercise in victomology.

"Victomology" - Pretending to be a victim to achieve a goal.

Or, you really are a victim, but exaggerate the extent of your victimhood.

An example of that is the practice in basketball known as "flopping".


The death penalty

If ever there was a person who deserves the death penalty, it is the perpetrator described here:


Can even the left agree on that?