A question for the "social justice warriors"

Of the products you buy,  
how many are labeled "Made in Africa", 
or some nation on that continent?

I don't know about you, but for me the answer is absolutely zero.
Now, you can go on and on about "white racism", "systemic racism", and so forth, 
but such theories surely cannot explain the above noted, undeniably real, discrepancy, i.e. inequality.
(But then, does reality matter to the left?)
Again, it cannot be due to your favorite whipping boy, "racism".

So what is your response?
Productive ability does not matter?
If so, I disagree.

So much for the "inequities" argument.


Media hiding path towards extinction

"The U.S. is already below the so-called 'replacement level' by some measures, meaning fewer young people to support the country's otherwise aging population."


Oh yeah?
Well, birth rates below replacement levels, especially as significantly below as we have been experiencing for quite a while now, 
has another even more significant effect.
It puts the demographic groups having such low birth rates on the path to extinction.
And convincing young people that they should have doctors destroy their God-given, or nature-given, genitals 
only accelerates the path to extinction.

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The fertility rate has gotten so low the media is now reporting it as an issue:


Yet again, notice the author carefully avoids the phrase "exponential decay" 
and the alarmingly racist, in their probable view, but factually accurate, phrase "the path to white extinction".

As a slightly-related, local, side issue,
I observe that Arlnow.com runs a weekly feature titled "Pet of the Week" (labeled as a "Sponsored Post", but I can't find who the sponsor is) 
featuring happy-looking dogs and cats and, sometimes, their "parents."
(E.g., "Here’s what her [Tula's] family had to say about her life in Rosslyn...".
https://www.arlnow.com/2021/03/03/arlington-pet-of-the-week-tula/   )
(One may wonder about
how interested Arlington's 20- to 40-year old female population 
is in having and raising children, versus having and caring for pets,
or supporting their favorite left-wing causes.)
OTOH, I for one find it difficult to find much support at Arlnow for the importance of traditional, "nuclear", families.
I guess that's not as lucrative as the issues they do push.