Whom New York City loves

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BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG KITTY — President JOE BIDEN heads to the Big Apple tonight for a star-studded fundraising event with former Presidents BARACK OBAMA and BILL CLINTON and “Late Show” host STEPHEN COLBERT.

More than 5,000 people are expected to hit Radio City Music Hall for the event in person, the campaign says, with thousands more watching online. The cheapest tickets start at $250 and go up to $500,000 for smaller receptions. You want a photo with all three presidents? That’ll run you $100,000.

The campaign says Biden will break fundraising records, bringing in $25 million for the one-night-only event.

The event, our colleague Elena Schneider writes this morning, “will all but certainly increase Biden’s sizable financial advantage over former President DONALD TRUMP, who raised about $20 million in all of February. And it will serve as a vivid reminder that the president has ample resources at his disposal as he tries to claw his way up from a small but persistent polling deficit in the general election.”

[In comparison,] 
Today’s NYC split screen: “Trump will attend the wake of a slain NYPD officer as he goes after Biden over crime,” by AP’s Michelle Price and Philip Marcelo


KH comment:
Will Arthur Engeron and Letitia James be at this event?
They've certainly done their part in bringing down Donald Trump.


The Jewish contradiction

"Contradiction" may not be exactly the right word, but it's close.

Consider the following:

Jews in Russia: We're victims! Of pogroms.

Jews in Germany: Well, they certainly were victims.

Jews in Israel: Victims again.
But refugees from anti-Semitism in Europe.

Jews in America: You guessed it, victims of anti-Semitism.

Hey Jews, I really admire, respect, and acknowledge the many contributions Jewish people have made.
But really, in so many places, in so many times, don't you think you're claiming to be victims a little too often?
Are so many other people wrong, and you in each case right?
Just asking.

What nutjob Democrats will endorse

Consider this:

"Contrary to Trump's later assertion that she was a "then almost sixty-year-old woman", 
she is less than three years Trump's senior, being 52 at the time, and he 49. 
Further details of the reputed incident were published in Carroll's 2019 book What Do We Need Men For?: A Modest Proposal. 
Carroll said that on her way out of the store she ran into Trump and he asked for help buying a gift for a woman. 
After she suggested a handbag or a hat, the two reputedly moved on to the lingerie section and joked about the other trying some on. 
Carroll said they ended up in a dressing room together, the door of which was shut ..."

Yo, Democrats.
Why would a 52-year old woman go into a private dressing room with a 49-year old man?

That is a question Democrats won't confront.
They glide over it, and jump to the conclusion that Trump raped, or somehow sexually assaulted, Carroll.
Sure, Dems.
Show us your abandonment of reason, and plausibility.

My view on this:
What Carroll asserted is, to say the least, implausible.
But neither the New York "justice" system, nor the media, nor many Democrats, will acknowledge that implausibility.

They operate in that alternate reality that is political correctness, or wokeism.


For an excellent article on the persecution of Donald Trump, see


How did the crypto lobby get so rich?



"An $80 million cloud of crypto campaign cash is hanging over the battle for Congress.

"Campaign finance filings released this week confirm that a trio of affiliated pro-crypto super PACs are poised to be among the top-spending outside groups in this election cycle. Their mission: promote industry allies and demolish crypto critics, even if digital asset policy isn’t quite a kitchen table issue. The groups — Fairshake, Protect Progress and Defend American Jobs — are backed by major industry players including Coinbase, Ripple and Andreessen Horowitz."

That $80 million is comparable to the $100M that AIPAC plans to spend on the 2024 election to defeat candidates it seems anti-Israel.

It seems curious to me that the cryptocurrency industry is so flush with cash that it can spend this kind of money on trying to influence elections.

Compare, e.g., the supermarket industry, which actually performs a useful public service.
It notoriously runs on thin margins.
It seems questionable that they would be so profitable as to have that kind of money for lobbying.

I am not an expert on all this, 
but that just made me question how lucrative the crypto industry is.

My concern is that the so-called crypto industry is really just a scheme to make its insiders rich, and leave those who put their money into crypto holding the bag when things go south.
Why should the crypto magnates be trusted?

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