71% for a social construct ???

"According to data from 2021, 
71% of NFL were players of color"


That's pretty impressive for something claimed by people who should know better to be a "social construct."


Tucker Carlson for Vice President!

Donald Trump may very well be the GOP's nominee for President in 2024.
If so, who should he choose as his running mate?
I think Ron DeSantis would be a great choice.
(Definitely not the warmonger Nikki Haley.)
But there is another possibility:
How about Tucker Carlson?
On ideological grounds, I think that would be great.
The only question would be how much his lack of government experience would be a drawback.

That would surely excite and energize Trump's base.
The only question would be how many moderates would it drive away.
It would be interesting to see a poll on how well a Trump/Carlson ticket would do.

Politico has two takes on possible Veep choices for Trump:

omits Carlson:

includes Carlson (authored by Rich Lowry):


Vladimir Putin or Richard Levine?

Who is the better role model?
I vote for Putin, 
over the filthy pervert Richard Leland Levine.


Who wants war with Russia?

The Washington Post and the ADL, for sure:

See, e.g.,

For the ADL, just Google
ADL Ukraine

In general, 
try to find an issue on which those two organizations disagree.

As for me, I am sick and tired of the promotion of war those two organizations have done over the years.
This is absolutely bad for America, and many others.
Look at the scale of destruction that has been wrought by these wars over the years.
You might wonder who is it "Good for".

And please, don't blame it all on Putin.
Russia has 100% legitimate security interests concerning Ukraine, 
despite what the Russiaphobes  would have you believe.
For more on that, Google
Mearsheimer Ukraine