Why Merrick Garland is a piece of shit

Hunter Biden is the son of your boss, President of the United States Joseph Biden.
Does this fact bear on your ability to impartially investigate the charges against Hunter?
Of course it does.
Your inability to see this conflict of interest makes inescapable the conclusion that you are a piece of shit.

For some background, read

Also worth knowing are the arguments presented in this three minute video:



Pure gender triumph

For the ladies, hear
more comprehensively, 
Up into the stratosphere! :-)
My choice, FWIW, is Lucia Popp
Just listen to how she hits her high notes - pure perfection :-)

For the gentlemen, hear
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The decline of the American work ethic

I fully appreciate the hard work that American workers perform, the value of it, and that it should be appropriately compensated.

But now let us look at the UAW strike of 2023.
They want a work week of 32 hours??
Come on. American workers have worked 40 hour weeks for generations.
You want the same pay that was paid to those who worked 40 hour weeks for only working 32 hours per week?
Please explain this.


What Arlington County schools are doing these days

A little background:

I went to public elementary school in the 1950s
The job of the school then was pretty simple:
teach the 3Rs (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic).
(BTW, the school was Alison Elementary School in Wilkinsburg PA.)

Now, in 2023, let's see what Arlington County public schools are expected to do, per

<blockquote>The PTA council also says 

the move does not think through the extent to which bussing kids to Nottingham could disrupt 

communities that rely on schools to access bilingual coordinators, social workers and food pantries, or get referred for legal matters related to immigration status or domestic violence interventions.

While APS proposes a way to ensure kids still get to the doctor, by giving families access to Uber accounts, she says it is still unclear whether parents will still be able to access the other services these schools provide.</blockquote>

What a dizzying array of functions that have nothing to do with the basic classical function of schools: education.

In the 1950s, I think those functions either weren't needed ("bilingual coordinators") or were considered the responsibility of the family.

It seems a combination of massive immigration and the deliberate destruction of the 1950s family system has led to this massive expansion of scope for the schools.


The promotion of gender complexity and confusion

Just try and read the Wikipedia article

My goodness!
What a confused mess.
Obviously some people are trying to make what should be simple as complicated as possible.

Back in the 1950s, "sex" referred to biological reality.
"Gender" was a grammatical term:
"he" for men, "she" for women.

Then it was noted that society treated men and women differently, with expectations for each and roles for each.
And some people didn't like that.
And then it was off to the races, leading to the total confusion mentioned above.

Consider the lead sentence in Wikipedia's article:

"Gender dysphoria (GD) is the distress a person experiences due to a mismatch between 
their gender identity—their personal sense of their own gender—
and their sex assigned at birth."

Back in the 1950s, the two opposing concepts
"gender identity" and
"sex assigned at birth"
did not even exist.
Sure everyone belonged to one or the other of the two sexes, but that was a property of the individual, not an assignment.
My, the intellectuals have been busy, creating what didn't need to be created.

One might ask who profits from this.
Well, here are two examples:
1. The various medical professionals receiving income for "gender care".
2. Various people in the "Gender Studies" departments in universities.

Goodness gracious, if it wasn't for this gender mess, they might have to find something else to do.

And taxpayers, health insurance payers, and those who support universities are paying for all this.