The ladies

How aristocratic can you get?

Lady Pamela (the bride's sister), Princess Alexandra of Kent, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth, 
bridesmaids at the 1946 wedding of Patricia Mountbatten (daughter of Louis Mountbatten and Edwina Ashley: also a great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria) to John Knatchbull 

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Perhaps most remarkably, two of the ladies from the 1946 photo are still alive, as of May 2023, 77 years later! 
(Sounds like good genes to me.)
Princess Alexandra, aka Lady Ogilvy, is the beaming elderly lady who is on the right in the 2023 photograph.
That photo shows the Duke of Kent, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Anne and her husband Vice-Admiral Tim Laurence, the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh – physically supporting 86-year-old Princess Alexandra – 
standing alongside the newly crowned King and Queen.

Lady Pamela was not invited to the 2023 coronation.

It is fascinating to see Princess Alexandra both in 1946 (second from left) and 2023 (on the right).
How time flies :-)

Here's to the ladies!