"Russia warns U.S. to stop arming Ukraine - Washington Post | Reuters" https://www.reuters.com/world/russia-warns-us-stop-arming-ukraine-washington-post-2022-04-15/

How crazy are the people calling for sending yet more arms to Ukraine 
if they ignore this clear warning?

It was one thing to ignore the bluster ("the mother of all battles") from Saddam Hussein.
There really was nothing he could do to harm the United States.
But Russia?
A whole different kettle of fish.

The combination of 
the overt, open, economic war we are waging with Russia, and 
our shipping lethal aid to Ukraine
is putting the greatest stress and pressure on Russia.
The consequences could be, literally, catastrophic.
As I said, it's just not worth it (for the U.S.).
The (very real) risks so far outweigh the (rather arguable) rewards.

See also:
Patrick Buchanan, 2022-04-22
"Neocons and war hawks are taking the position that 
the visible defeat of the Russian army and its expulsion from Ukraine, 
and Putin’s humiliation and ouster, 
must be America’s goals. 
And these goals should be nonnegotiable. 
Failure to achieve these ends, it is said, would amount to a defeat for NATO and the United States.


Dissenters [to the neocon position] believe that Putin may not be bluffing, 
that an early and negotiated end to this war may be necessary 
to avoid a wider conflict that could escalate into World War III.

But, as ever, they are being charged with timidity and cowardice and letting pass a historic opportunity to administer to authoritarian Russia the defeat it invited with this invasion and that it richly deserves."

My view:  People who take the position, stated above, 
that was attributed to "neocons and war hawks" 
are hyenas.