Quick-thinking white cop saves life of black teenage girl

Is this what your sources for news have been reporting?
Probably not.
But that is an accurate summary of what transpired in Columbus Ohio in April 2021.

Take a look at what ACTUALLY HAPPENED right before Bryant was shot:
(The above video is now deleted, 
but the same video is included in this Fox News report:
https://youtu.be/9UJQxV8TAZw   )

The person in black pinned the person in pink against a car, raised her right arm, while holding a knife, and began swinging her right arm towards the person she had pinned.
(You can see this more clearly if you slow the video down to 1/4 speed.
Click the three dots at the upper right, then set the playback speed to .25x.)
What is this other than an attempt to stab the person she had pinned?
The police officer acted literally in the nick of time, preventing the potentially fatal stabbing from taking place.

In my book, that officer is a hero, for saving the person in pink from the potentially deadly assault that anyone can see.
But, astonishingly and evilly, the officer is being vilified for his life-saving action.
His entirely justfied action is being used to justify the "blacks are victims" line, see, e.g. 

Note the absurdity of the line in the above article.
Bryant was shot because she was in the process of stabbing another human being.
It is that simple.
If you look at the video, what else could the police officer have done to prevent the stabbing from taking place?