What was missing from Election 2020

Let me backup. 
Walk into any store, from a convience store to a high-end emporium, and you know you are being video-taped, to guard against and detect any malfeasance.

Now switch to the unpleasant and disputed aftermath of Election 2020.
We have unseemly, 
but critically important and passionately disputed, 
arguments over what some of the poll workers actually did, i.e., how they handled the ballots.
We have signed and sworn affidavits alleging mishandling.
But others might contadict those allegations.
Further, we have many poll watchers claiming they were either kept too far from the ballot processing to effectively do their job, or in some cases not even allowed access.
And there really seems no effective, reliable wsy to resolve these dispites.
Each side will believe what it wants to.

For something as important to America as election integrity, 
why are not all the vital actions and steps video-taped for later review, 
so we can resolve these issues?
Among the poll watchers, why are there not video cameras?
Of course there would be an expense, but it really seems worth it.

Ensuring the cameras record all the critical actions will be s challenge.
Hopefully there is a way to do that.


Added 2020-12-04
Well, there were some surveillance videos after all. See this one from Georgia:



Hyperpartisanship in the IC and LE

With regard to the IC, consider John Brennan's opinion of Trump 45 expressed here: 
Sure, that view is expressed four years after Brennan left his position as director of the CIA, but it reveals his post-directorship views on who Trump is and what he accompanied.

Compare my view on Trump:
The man has been grotesquely and unfairly attacked during both his 2016 campaign and, most especially, his term as president.
Because his agenda was in many ways my agenda, not John Brennan's.

One must note that three of the principals who ran the investigation of Trump in 2016 and into 2017 (John Brennan, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe) have since 2017 revealed their intense and public anti-Trump partisanship.
Did this intense hostility towards Trump only develop after they left their positions of power in the IC and LE?
Or was it developing while they still held leadership positions in the IC and LE, 
and at some level influence and affect their decisions regarding investigations into both Trump and his then-rival Hillary Clinton?

One thing we do know:
Trump was telegraphing back in 2016 the direction in which he hoped to take the country, which led to his election, and which he has largely accomplished.

If now Brennan, Comey, and McCabe pillory that direction, did that hostility to that direction not play a determinative role in their 2016 and 2017 decision-making?

I.e.: They may have been professionals, but were they partisan professionals?