COVID deaths by age in Virginia

The extent to which COVID is almost exclusively a mortal threat to the elderly 
deserves quantification, documentation, and attention.

As of 2020-05-18, there had been 1014 deaths attributed to COVID in Virginia, per 
(for its bar chart showing the numbers, 
click on the "Demographics" button, 
then set "Select Measure" to "Deaths").

That total number makes it easy to turn absolute numbers into percentages.
The deaths were distributed as follows, 
where the contents of each line are: 
first the age range, 
then the percentage of Virginia's TOTAL population in that age range,
then the percentage of COVID-caused DEATHS in that age range, 
finally the actual number of deaths in that age range:

Age    Pop.     Deaths
80+      4%    52%    532
70s      7%    24%    240 
60s    11%    16%    157
50s    13%      5%      53
40s    13%      2%      22
30s    14%      0.7%    7
20s    14%      0.2%    2
<20    25%.     0.0%    0

Dividing the population more coarsely, 
by half-centuries, yields a two-row table: 

>50     97%   982     35%
<50       3%      31     66%

For comparison, the median age in Virginia is 38, i.e., for the general population,

>38     50%
<38     50%

Of that 3% of the deaths coming from those under 50,
it seems reasonable to ask: 
How many of those people had comorbidities?

(Notes: The original bar chart showed that for one death, the age was "Not reported". 
Thus the number of deaths here only add up to 1013. 
The numbers for percentage of total Virginia population are from 
https://censusreporter.org/profiles/04000US51-virginia/    )

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Hiding key facts about the coronavirus pandemic

First, here is a video of Laura Ingraham discussing the left's role in prolonging the shutdown of the American economy: 

It is evident that some key facts about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic have been ignored/neglected in the discussion of this pandemic.

First, there has been wide reporting and discussion of the high level of mortality in Italy.
There has been far less discussion of exactly who was dying, in particular of the age distribution of the deaths.