Decline of Christianity leads to rise of cancer

What a religious nut, you say.

But check this out:


"Other key risk factors included excess body weight, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, diet and infections such as HPV."

I.e., factors traditionally associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Physical inactivity and excess body weight.
Now, where have I heard warnings against those before?

Well, some of us older folks may recall something called 
"The Seven Deadly Sins."

"the seven deadly sins in Christianity are pride, vanity, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth.'

Let's see, 
avoiding sloth, gluttony and lust
should take care of
physical inactivity, excess body weight, and STDs.

But who pays attention to such old fashioned ideas as sin anymore?

Maybe Christianity had the right ideas and values after all.