FARA — Foreign Agents Registration Act

Wikipedia, Google, U.S. DOJ web site,
Patrick Lang, 2009-03-06, “The FARA Law” describes his own experience

Holocaust Industry

Discussed in
The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein.
For extensive excerpts and reviews, see this web page by the author;
also there is a Wikipedia article.

For further background from a similar point of view, see
The Holocaust in American Life by Peter Novick
(note the excerpt at the link above).

Islamic Fascist

Islamic fascism
Are We Fighting 'Islamic Fascists'?
By David Ignatius, 2006-08-18
Islamic Fascists? What’s in a name?
By Chuck Colson, 2006-08-21
Today's 'Islamic Fascists' Were Yesterday's Friends
by Brendan O'Neill, 2006-08-29
Bush’s Useful Idiots
by Tony Judt, 2006-09-21
The Wacky World of Norman Podhoretz
Where there's always another world war brewing...
(an examination of the usage of the Islamofascism word by Podhoretz and company)
by Justin Raimondo, 2007-05-16


The following is part of a statement
at the American Jewish Committee web site (on 2007-06-06);
it ran as an advertisement on page E15 of the 1995-12-03 New York Times
on the sad occasion of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
It is cited on page 276 of Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We?.
Emphasis has been added.

As Jews approach the end of the traditional 30-day period of mourning for Prime Minister Rabin -- brave soldier, statesman, and peacemaker --
the time has come to take stock of our condition
as we turn to the challenges that lie ahead.
In doing so we must reaffirm four core beliefs:

We Are One People In our shared grief,
we together confront the tragedy that has befallen Israel and our people.
Although geographically dispersed and ideologically diverse,
Jews are indeed one people, united by history, covenant and culture.

Together we must act to shape the Jewish destiny;
let no one, in Israel, America or elsewhere, erect barriers among us.

And here is a paragraph from page 58 of Jewish Power by J.J. Goldberg;
emphasis is added.

Most Americans define Judaism as a religion and Jews as its believers.
However, religion is only part of the answer.
Jews usually consider themselves members of a worldwide ethnic group,
usually called “the Jewish people,”
though it has also been called
a nation, a tribe, and even a race.
They are bound together by
common ancestry, a shared history, and a common cultural heritage,
along with religion.
Most of all,
Jews feel bound together by a sense of shared destiny,
a legacy of persecution and a mutual duty to help one another,
while seeking some moral meaning in it all.

Jewish Juggernaut

For information about the overwhelming power
organized Jewry has accumulated in the United States,


Philip Weiss has some interesting comments on the “meritocracy”
in his 2008-02-26 post
Chelsea Clinton's Lack of Accomplishment (and Mom's Lack of Success)
Signals the End of the Elite That Gave Us Iraq
Here is what he says (but the emphasis is added):

I always use the word meritocracy to describe my generation
but it’s not precise.
What is the meritocracy?
It was a ruling class
that melded the burgeoning communications industries
with Wall Street and global entrepreneurialism,
i.e., hedge funds and the internet.
When they were young the meritocrats made the first cut via standardized tests,
and these tests gave them the sense that they were the best,
chosen democratically;
and the meritocracy was pervaded by elitist prestige thinking.
Few of them had kids in the Iraq war,
and they felt no personal connection with Bush’s war,
which their representative almost universally suported.
And yes, my people did especially well in the meritocracy.
As I reported yesterday, Pew shows that
55 percent of Reform Jewish households make over $100,000 a year,
three times the national percent.
We brought our entrepreneurialism to the American economy
and brought our worldview to the ruling class.
When 9/11 happened,
the powerful press never said that
Osama bin Laden was motivated by anger
about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.


We incessantly hear that “preconditions” must be satisfied
by the Iranians
before the U.S. will deign to enter into full negotiations with them, and
by groups representing significant parts of the Palestinian body politic,
like Hamas,
before Israel will negotiate with them.
But the word “precondition” as it is used here
is really just a euphemism
for what is really a non-negotiable demand.
The phrase “non-negotiable demand”
raises too many red flags of unfairness in the eyes of most people,
so the masters of propaganda substitute the word “precondition.”

In many cases, fairness would require that
the “precondition” should be a result of the negotiating process,
not something agreed to without the opportunity
for obtaining a quid pro quo.

World War IV

Wikipedia, Google, Eliot Cohen, Norman Podhoretz,
Commentary on WWIV

Zionist Paranoid

See this post by Philip Weiss for usage example.

OEB — Over-Educated Bitch

Closely related to the Politicalus Correctus Bitchus, or PCB.
Commonly found in such organizations as the AAUW.
Not to be confused with the OED or the OBE.