When race is unmentionable

Suspect’s arrest in U-Va. case provides lead in 2009 death of Virginia Tech student
By T. Rees Shapiro, Mary Pat Flaherty and Justin Jouvenal
Washington Post, 2014-09-30


In the Fairfax attack,
a 26-year-old Fairfax woman was grabbed by a man on Rock Garden Drive
as she was walking home from a Giant supermarket
around 10 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2005.
The man carried the woman to a nearby swimming pool
and assaulted her before running away.
The woman described the suspect as between 25 to 35 years old
and having a medium build and dark hair.


[If the woman could provide that description,
presumably she also knew his race.
I really fail to see how it is appropriate to, in a news story,
give the victim's description of
the approximate age, physical build, and hair color of her assailant,
but not his race.
Why give that much information, but not race?
Why should all men "between 25 to 35 years old
and having a medium build and dark hair"
be under suspicion?]

[The following is the complete news story that appeared on page A3
of the Washington print edition of the Tuesday, 2015-11-24, Washington Post.]

Two men charged in death of pastor’s pregnant wife:
Two Indianapolis men have been charged with the killing of a pastor’s pregnant wife during an apparent home burglary,
law-enforcement officials said Monday.
Larry Jo Taylor, 18, and Jalen Watson, 21, both of Indianapolis,
have been charged with murder and other felonies in the death of Amanda Blackburn, 28,
who was shot while she was at home with 1-year-old son Nov. 10,
according to Indianapolis police and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.
She died the following day.
The toddler was not hurt.

[My question:
Why, when a person dies at the hands of the police,
is the race of the policeman and the deceased
considered of great news significance
and reported in so many news stories about the death,
while when a woman is raped or killed,
the race of the rapist or killer and the victim
is so uniformly ignored?

A more complete version of the story appeared on-line in the following:]

Suspected killer of pastor’s wife ‘watched her bleed,’ court document says
By Niraj Chokshi and Michael E. Miller
Washington Post "Morning Mix", 2015-11-23

[It includes photographs which indicate that both suspects are black
, the victim white.

She is also the runner on the far right here:

Flash mob hits designer store in Georgetown, steals $13,000 worth of goods
By Dana Hedgpeth and Peter Hermann
Washington Post, 2015-11-25

A large group of juveniles robbed a designer store in Georgetown Tuesday evening and stole $13,000 worth of items, according to D.C. Police.

The incident happened just before 6 p.m. at the Diesel store in the 3000 block of M Street NW. More than 20 people, police said, went into the store and grabbed several items off the racks, according to a police report. They stole four leather jackets, costing about $800, and an additional $12,000 worth of merchandise.

One person who worked at the store was said to have been pushed from him behind by someone in the crowd. The employee was not injured, according to police.
Police described the suspects only as juveniles.

[Yes, that's right.
Mustn't state the race of the juveniles.
Might support stereotyping, you know.

Looks like the D.C. police are straight-jacketed by political correctness.

Surely the retail store had a video surveillance system which captured the whole event.
Looking forward to when that is made available to the public.
It should be.
For a 2014-02-20 flash rob in Georgetown, see this YouTube video.]

Georgetown Shoplifting Victims Abandoned Warning App Because PC
From: A Safely-Retired Law Enforcement Veteran
VDare.com, 2015-11-29


In other words, this Politically Incorrect app (and the retail employees who used it)
correctly identified who nearly all the criminals were,
the criminals didn’t like it, cried “racism!”
and the pathetic white liberals decided they would rather be robbed and possibly even assaulted or worse,
than be called racist—
even if the photographs showing who the criminals were happened to show truth.


[I]n the “not reporting race” calculus, the point is that
WaPo is willing to racially identify the people who frightened or worried the clerks,
because they’re condemning them for being frightened or worried.
But when an actual mob storms into the store and steals more than $12, 000 worth of goods—
WaPo doesn’t consider race “relevant.”