That didn't take long

A recurring story about D.C. schools over the past few decades has been
how physically run down they were
(I use the past tense because the most recent past D.C. mayor, Adrian Fenty,
put a very effective person, Allen Lew,
in charge of school reconstruction,
who is generally lauded for having really upgraded the physical plant),
and how this physically unpleasant environment
made it difficult to maintain a positive attitude necessary for effective learning.
I am sure no one believes that totally explained the problems of D.C. education,
but it surely was part of the problem.
So when D.C.’s Woodrow Wilson High School reopened in August 2011
after a $115 million renovation,
at least that problem seemed to be fixed, for at least that school.
So how did the students (or at least some of them)
react to their new improved facilities?
See this.

I bring this up to suggest that those who think that
the problems of urban schools are simply due to
not enough money being given to them
are not in touch with reality.