USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier
USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

Navy’s new $12b aircraft carrier beset with performance problems
Review raises doubts about launch capacity, other vital systems in new vessel
By Bryan Bender
Boston Globe, 2014-01-09

Hagel Told New Carrier Unlikely to Meet Aircraft Goals
By Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg News, 2014-01-10


Opinion: Get the Ford Carriers to the Fleet
By: Adm. Stan Arthur, USN (Retired) and Capt. J. Talbot Manvel, USN (Retired)
USNI News, 2015-09-14


A Problematic Test Schedule

To get the carrier force’s numbers back up, the Ford’s exceptionally long test plan can and should be questioned by Congress to get her into the Fleet and deployed as soon as possible. A simplified version of the proposed test plan to the Defense Department’s Office of Operational Test and Evaluation shows 29 underway periods or independent steaming events (ISEs) from 2016 through 2018 with time reserved through 2019 to possibly stretch the plan to 2020. That would be four years between commissioning and first deployment.
Enterprise, the first nuclear carrier, steamed to the Mediterranean and quickly returned to participate in the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, all within 12 months of commissioning. USS Nimitz (CVN-68), the first of its class, deployed within 11 months of commissioning, and the second of the class, Dwight D. Eisenhower, deployed within 14 months of commissioning. For all ten Nimitz-class carriers, the average was 21.5 months.


Procurement, Acquisition, Testing, and Oversight of the Navy’s Gerald R. Ford-class Aircraft Carrier Program
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, 2015-10-01


To receive testimony on the procurement, acquisition, testing, and oversight of the Navy’s Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier program.


Honorable Katrina G. McFarland
Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) Department of Defense

Honorable Sean J. Stackley
Assistant Secretary, Research, Development & Acquisition Department of the Navy

Rear Admiral Donald E. Gaddis, USN
Program Executive Officer, Tactical Aircraft Department of the Navy

Rear Admiral Thomas J. Moore, USN
Program Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers Department of the Navy

Rear Admiral Michael C. Manazir, USN
Director, Air Warfare (OPNAV)

Honorable J. Michael Gilmore
Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Department of Defense

Mr. Paul L. Francis
Managing Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management U.S. Government Accountability Office


Newly Commissioned Carrier Ford’s Leap-Ahead Technology Approach
May Be a Thing of the Past

By: Megan Eckstein
U.S. Naval Institute, 2017-07-24

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