Ms. Corruption

How a Clinton insider used his ties to build a consulting giant
Hillary gave a special State Department post to an ex-fundraiser —
even as he was laying the groundwork for a global firm with ties to her husband called Teneo.

By Rachael Bade
Politico, 2016-04-13


The fact that Kelly and Band were laying the groundwork for their enterprise while Kelly was working for the State Department, reported here for the first time, represents a fresh illustration of the blurring of the lines between Hillary Clinton’s political network and her State Department that critics have long noted. And it shows how one enterprising fundraiser was able to insinuate himself into Clinton's inner circle and then built a 500-person, multinational consulting firm whose value, at least at first, was greatly enhanced by its founders’ closeness to the Clintons.

Manhattan-based Teneo has been a center of palace intrigue for years because of its proximity to the former first family. And in its early days, Teneo directly benefited the couple themselves, though the company emphasizes that it no longer has those ties.

With Bill Clinton serving in the paid position of honorary chairman, and Hillary as secretary of state, Teneo initially billed itself as a one-stop shop for “C-suite consulting,” a blend of public relations advice for CEOs and more technical investor relations work. Corporate executives paid $250,000 a month — sometimes more — for consulting and assistance. They also, in some cases, got to hobnob with a former president. The firm forged a mutually beneficial relationship with the Clinton Global Initiative, the fancy annual Clinton Foundation event starring the former president and other world leaders. The New York Times and The New Republic first reported three years ago how the philanthropic gathering provided an ideal nexus for Teneo to both recruit new clients and enhance the visibility of existing clients by getting them speaking roles.


The Clinton Foundation - warts and all
by W. Patrick Lang
Sic Semper Tyrannis, 2016-06-23


The second quote is from the posted explanations (FAQs)
of a Canadian charity that is welded at the hip to the Clinton Foundation (USA) through "contracts.
Under Canadian law donors to a CANADIAN charity have an absolure right to "privacy"
unless they individually consent to public disclosure of their particulars.
The donations are tax deductible as is he Canadian foundation itself.
Once "contract" moneys for charitable purposes
cross the border into the hands of the Clinton Foundation USA
they are also tax free and need only be described in US tax reporting
as coming from the Canadian Foundation.

As an old spook I have a hard time imagining
a smoother way to launder money.

If one were doing that -
  1. The money would go to a Canadian donor.
  2. The Canadian would make a privacy protected contribution to the Canadian charity.
  3. A benevolent contract would transfer the tax free money to the US foundation.
  4. After that ...
None of this really requires much commentary on my part. pl

anyone who doesn't recognize that the Clintons are corruption incarnate
is either crazy or incapable of accurate thought.
But hey, what is she doing for blacks and women?
Third World, here we come.]

Inside the debate over probing the Clinton Foundation
By Drew Griffin, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz
CNN, 2016-08-11

Officials from the FBI and Department of Justice met several months ago
to discuss opening a public corruption case into the Clinton Foundation,
according to a US official.
At the time, three field offices were in agreement an investigation should be launched
after the FBI received notification from a bank of suspicious activity
from a foreigner who had donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to the official.

FBI officials wanted to investigate whether there was
a criminal conflict of interest with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure.
The Department of Justice had looked into allegations surrounding the foundation
a year earlier after the release of the controversial book "Clinton Cash,"
but found them to be unsubstantiated and there was insufficient evidence to open a case.

As a result, DOJ officials pushed back against opening a case during the meeting earlier this year.
Some also expressed concern the request seemed more political than substantive,
especially given the timing of it coinciding with
the investigation into the private email server and Clinton's presidential campaign.

["seemed more political than substantive"?
I'd love to know how they came to that conclusion.]

The FBI's investigation into Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his tie to a Clinton Foundation donor
was also raised during the meeting.
DOJ said that probe could continue but declined to open a case on the foundation.


EXCLUSIVE: Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway
by Richard Pollock
The Daily Caller, 2016-08-11

"Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption" Washington Times
Sic Semper Tyrannis, 2016-08-12

" ... the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices
that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation
and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton."
Washington Times

Multiple donors to Clinton Foundation met with her while at State Department
Fox News, 2016-08-23

Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton’s Public-Private Web
New York Times, 2016-10-17

Chelsea’s husband allegedly used foundation ties to boost hedge fund
In a hacked email, ex-Clinton aide Doug Band claims Marc Mezvinsky traded on family ties to help his fund.
By Kenneth P. Vogel
Politico, 2016-11-06

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