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The Huge Cultural Shift That’s Helping Trump Win Evangelicals
Could it be that America’s evangelicals just aren’t all that evangelical anymore?
By Stephen Prothero
Politico Magazine, 2016-03-13

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board
By Post Opinions Staff
Washington Post, 2016-03-21

[Actually, the "transcript" is a highly edited one,
as listening to the audio recording of the meeting (on the same web page) makes clear.]

Donald Trump Was Essentially a Third-Party Candidate on a G.O.P. Ticket
New York Times, 2016-11-10


Voters have had it with the artifice, emptiness and elements of corruption that pervade the country’s politics.

Mr. Trump ostensibly ran as a Republican,
but he was effectively a third-party candidate who happened to campaign under the banner of one of the two major parties.

Casting himself as an outsider, he not only savaged leaders in both parties but he made a mockery of nearly all the pieties of the American political system.

Mr. Trump was the most unconventional candidate in United States history, but he was a better fit than any of his competitors for this moment. That is because, while he may have represented a jarring change to a decorous political culture — no modern major party nominee had ever said the things he said — he reflected a coarser but authentic popular culture that many people have grown used to.


And at a time when the use of data and analytics has grown so sophisticated that campaigns can pinpoint the predilections of most every voting household, Mr. Trump was an unapologetic wholesale candidate. He based his decisions for much of the campaign on instinct, crowd reaction and media reaction. And, after winning his nomination, he presciently said that he thought his and President Obama’s success was unrelated to the mechanics of their campaigns.

“I’ve always felt it was overrated,” Mr. Trump said of the trend toward a data-driven approach. “Obama got the votes much more so than his data-processing machine. And I think the same is true with me.”

Mr. Trump, of course, was not alien to politics. He spent decades observing the sometimes-seamy nature of democracy from a vantage point that afforded him insights on how transactional a business it is: He was a campaign donor.


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