Sports injuries

Consider the following injury to Brazilian soccer star Neymar
in Brazil's World Cup 2014 quarter-final match with Columbia.
(There can hardly be doubt that the loss of their star Neymar was part of the reason
for the astonishing rout (1-7) that Brazil suffered in its next game,
its semi-final loss (again, 1-7 !) to Germany.)

Neymar Injury In Brazil vs Colombia 2014 | REAL VIDEO

Now consider the way this event is described by many journalists,
for example by AP's Chris Lehourites:
Neymar, who fractured a vertebra
after getting kneed in the back in the quarterfinal win over Colombia.
Talk about misreporting!
Neymar did not fracture a vertebra;
Neymar had his vertebra fractured by another person.
Further, this was not a case where the injury happened in face-to-face contact;
here the injured player was literally struck from behind,
without any ability to defend himself.

It seems to me that this style of reporting,
which avoids assigning responsibility for injuries in sports
to the person who caused the injury,
is part of the reason that injuries are so common in sports.
It would, it seems to me, to be better to assign responsibility to where it belongs.

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