Too much offense, not enough defense


That seems to be is the policy of the people running the country now.

America launches wars and supports one intervention after the other in the Middle East,
supposedly in the interest of preventing "terrorism"
(I put that in quotes because calling acts merely "terrorism"
oversimplifies; it ignores the reasons why the acts were committed.
Also, the U.S. wars and interventions surely are considered "terrorism" by those who do not support them.)
and advancing "the United States interest" in the Middle East
(which is defined by many of the "elite" as advancing political correctness
(e.g., feminism, the homosexual agenda).
This sure looks like offense to me.
On the other hand, effective defensive measures
either have been rendered moot by past policies
(massive immigration from the Third World since 1965)
or are not permitted by current policies
(relatively open borders, practically uncontrolled international travel
(remember the outcry against limiting visitors from the Ebola area when that epidemic was raging),
opposition to strong internal surveillance methods, either from NSA or the various police forces).
Looks like all offense and a very limited defense to me.

Then there is the cybersecurity realm.
Here when the Chinese carry out various cyberespionage acts,
the call from Congress and the media is for retaliation.
Hey guys, how about a real, serious effort to make American computers,
or at least those that are critical, secure?
Is that REALLY impossible?
Now, I'm not an expert on cybersecurity,
but I do know a little about computers and software,
and I doubt that it is.

Beyond what is commonly discussed,
other ideas include:
Is the Internet really necessary for so many things?
Old fogies like me remember a time before the Internet.
Maybe some things, like, say, government personnel records,
really don't need to be on the Internet.
Yes, I know it's convenient,
but maybe the convenience isn't worth the risk.

Longer range, more technogically based,
how about a really, certifiably secure, operating system?
Is that really impossible?

And back to the Internet.
Yes, the current protocols, etc. are insecure.
But is a "Secure Internet" impossible to develop?
(Which might run in parallel with the existing Internet.)