Mind reading in the "elite"

Mind reading among the "elite" seems ubiquitous these days.
Take the following excerpts from a Washington Post editorial:

Another foolhardy GOP bid to suppress voter turnout
By Editorial Board
Washington Post Editorial, 2013-10-19 (it was published in the print edition for Saturday, 2013-10-19)

NOTHING FRIGHTENS today’s Republican Party quite like the voters.
Before the 2012 elections, GOP lawmakers in statehouses across the country
tightened voter identification laws
with one goal in common:
to suppress turnout on Election Day among likely Democratic voters


Republican officials in [Kansas and Arizona] are forging ahead,
justifying their efforts under the banner of combating electoral fraud.
This is hogwash.
The simple fact is that there is not a shred of evidence in either state, or elsewhere,
that fraudulent ballots have been cast in any significant number.

[Recall that in the days when the Washington Post
was beating the drums for war with Iraq
the Post frequently noted that
“the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,”
without any qualifications or skepticism towards that view.
It is the same here.
As to what a reasonable person might conclude,
he might note the widespread presence of various forms of fraud in our society,
reports of which quite frequently appear on both the reporting pages and the editorial page of this same Washington Post
He would ask the question:
“If fraud is so prevalent in other aspects of society,
is it rational to assume that it does not exist among ardent partisans?”

The editorial concludes with:]

The GOP’s real game is voter suppression, particularly aimed at Hispanics, whom the Republicans never tire of antagonizing.

[Mind reading again.
The Post just cannot credit the GOP with wanting to ensure honest elections.
Is that really so hard to see as a motive?]

Minorities, whose numbers are growing,
will see the GOP’s gambit for what it is:
an attempt to deprive them of political clout
and subvert democracy in the process.

[I would ask the question of those who assert that:
Is it really so hard to obtain the requisite identification?]