Against the U.S. strategic interest

It should clearly be in the interest of the U.S. to isolate North Korea, make it a pariah state.

But see this;

Why is this?
Because Ukraine-loving politicians in the U.S. have pushed Russia away from the U.S., into the arms of North Korea.

Why did those U.S. politicians do that?
Well, various reasons can be offered, but one I think must have been significant was 
that was what their campaign donors wanted.
The politicians surely are sensitive to the desires of their campaign donors.

This is yet another example of how 
love for Ukraine is 
harming the United States.

There are two groups in America:
Russiaphobes, and 
campaign donors.
Unfortunately, I suspect there is a positive correlation between those two groups.

In whose interests is war with Russia, thermonuclear or otherwise?
Certainly not America's.