The war on the police (aka "Cops")

In the first twenty years of my life, 
living in Wilkinsburg PA, Florissant MO, and Houston TX (as a student at Rice University), 
police were regarded in an entirely positive light.
They were called, and regarded as, "America's finest", or, depending on the jurisdiction, say, "Peoria's finest".

Then, in September 1967, I became a (graduate) student at Brandeis University.
Listening to, and reading, the views of some of my fellow Brandeis students.
How did some of them noisily describe police?
"Cops are pigs" some of them proclaimed.

Well, since the 1960s, we have seen police being demonized in the media.
That seems to be a thing with a sizable part of the media.
And where does this lead?
I think rather directly to this:


I don't think there can be any doubt that the media's relentless desire to demonize police has been a principal factor in the willingness of some to kill police.
Shame on the media!
They are the reprehensible people.