The Ukraine drain

If you know your history, you know that Ukraine constantly comes to the U.S., asking for more billions in aid.

$61 billion in 2024?
Not enough.
Yet more is expected to be requested, before the end of the year.

“The next thing to focus on is the Defense Department budget for next year. The president’s requests have not been adequate. We need to make sure we’re doing more in Defense through the regular appropriations process,” McConnell told reporters after Congress passed $61 billion for Ukraine last month.

Senate aides expect the Biden administration will come back to Congress for another request for military aid for Ukraine after the November election, probably in late November or December.


A congressional aide estimated that Defense Department officials would begin putting together a new request for more military aid to Ukraine in September.</blockquote>

We shall see how Congress rates U.S. defense needs relative to the demands of Ukraine.



Oh God!
Here we go again:

“We need hundreds of billions in order to win the war,” said Denys Maliuska.


Yo American leaders:
Do you really love Ukraine?
Do you really want to sacrifice the American interest to what SOME in Ukraine want?
Yet more totally unnecessary destruction, lives lost, and expense.