The elite versus the people

Nothing could make that clearer than this:

<Blockquote>After Ukraine funding win, Biden shifts his messaging strategy
Foreign policy hands want the administration to keep pressing the case for supporting Ukraine. But election considerations are creeping in, fast.

President Joe Biden scored a massive foreign policy win with the passage of a foreign aid bill last week that included $60 billion for Ukraine.

But now, having cleared that hurdle, his team is poised to make America’s ongoing commitment to the Ukraine war less of a public focus, as it addresses an electorate preoccupied with economic concerns.</blockquote>

That's right.
Push through a giveaway to Ukraine that the big campaign donors and media want, 
and then not talk about what you have just done, and how that $60 billion could have been better spent.

The pot-loving, Ukraine-loving, transgender-loving, great-replacement-loving Democrats are making themselves perfectly clear.

I totally understand how women are concerned about access to abortion.
I really appreciate the dilemmas you face.
But should that be the paramount issue for women?
That is a difficult question.
I don't have the answer.

I guess, thinking about it,
the right should soften its stance on abortion.
I agree with all the pro-life arguments.
But I also appreciate what women desiring abortion are concerned about.
I think it best not to make that the paramount political issue.
There are other, as people well know, issues to be concerned about.