What is black privilege?

I've read what blacks are claiming is "white privilege",
for example in the following article.
And those who argue that there is really no such thing
are countered by statements such as the excerpt (emphasis added) from it below.

This is what white privilege is
By Christine Emba
(Christine Emba edits The Post’s In Theory blog.)
Washington Post, 2016-01-22


And many [of those who submitted comments on a previous Emba-written column]
suggested that perhaps black people deserved any disadvantage they faced,
trotting out old canards about
black-on-white crime,
black violence
and how if black people for once just pulled up their pants, got off welfare
and worked as hard as these commenters had, everything would be fine.


Well, if it is a "canard" to talk about "black on white" crime,
I request the opportunity to respond,
with an example of what I see as "black privilege".

That is that when a white person commits, or is accused of committing,
a crime or at least some sort of objectionable action against one or more blacks,
the race (white) of the alleged offender is made a key part of the story.
Switch colors/races, however, and the color or race of an alleged black offender is scrubbed from the story.
The person or persons are described as "men" or "youths" or "juveniles",
without any indication of race.

The argument I have seen given for such clear examples of reporting bias is that
stories which report black on white crime "promote stereotypes".
But when does "a stereotype" become a valid pattern?
What are the actual facts about race and crime?
Does the media offer a highly biased view of the races involved in reports of alleged and actual crime?
I think that they clearly, indisputable, and deliberately do.
Thus blacks in the media have an awesome, to me, privilege:
When blacks do bad things, the race of the offenders is invisible.
When whites do bad things, the race of the offenders is highlighted,
indeed, becomes a principal part of the story.

Just six days after Emba's column appeared,
on the Washington Post website appeared a story which illustrates my claim above
(and which in fact was the precipitating agent for this post):

Six teenagers arrested after rush-hour fight on Red Line
By Faiz Siddiqui, Peter Hermann and Paul Duggan
Washington Post, 2016-01-28

Six juveniles were arrested Thursday morning following a fight on the Red Line that started at Gallery Place and led to about 30 youths being taken off the train.

The agency said four juveniles were initially arrested at the Woodley Park Metro station following the fight, which began during the morning rush and led to delays on Shady-Grove-bound Red Line trains.

Metro Police Chief Ronald A. Pavlik Jr. said the incident happened about 8:20 a.m., when a train heading in the direction of Shady Grove pulled into Gallery Place. A 35-year-old man was getting off the train and roughly 20 to 30 teenagers were getting on. He said they bumped into each other and “words were exchanged.”

One of the teenagers, according to Pavlik, punched the 35-year-old in the face. In retaliation, the victim hit the teenager.

Pavlik said a large skirmish happened, spilling onto the platform.

Later, the teens piled onto the train before two transit police officers who were on the platform dealing with crowds could apprehend them, he said.

Pavlik called the incident a “troubling wolf pack mentality.”

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said each of the suspects — five males and one female, all Wilson High School students 16 to 17 years old — is charged with felony assault. Four suspects were charged with assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct, in addition to the felony assault charge. Two others were later identified by the victim and charged with felony assault. Pavlik said the 35-year-old victim suffered cuts to his face.

Note how the suspects are described, as "juveniles" or "students".
Race is not mentioned.
Now, I don't know the race of those suspects.
But if they are black, that supports my point.
If not, that doesn't disprove it.

For further examples of how,
whether due to decisions by the authorities in the government or the press,
race is not reported, consider the following stories:

Metro Transit Police charge 17-year-old in December Red Line attack
By Faiz Siddiqui
Washington Post, 2016-01-19

Metro Transit Police on Tuesday charged a 17-year-old Southeast D.C. teen with aggravated assault in connection with a brutal attack that occurred on the Red Line last month.

The assault occurred on a train traveling between Union Station and NoMA-Galludet about 5 p.m. on Dec. 21, as the train approached the NoMA platform. Metro said the adult victim was struck in the face, knocked unconscious and suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization.

The man’s wife said the 41-year-old suffered a concussion and a broken jaw and collarbone in the attack.

Metro Transit Police stopped the suspect at Gallery Place Metro station on Jan. 9,
when an officer noticed that he appeared to match the image in a “be on the lookout” memo.
[So evidently the race of the suspect was a part of the BOLO memo.]
The youth, found in possession of a BB gun, was arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon, Metro said.

Metro said the suspect’s name would not be released due to his age. He was held in custody pending a juvenile custody order, which was served Tuesday, Metro said, and he was charged with the Red Line assault.

Man suffers concussion, broken jaw on Metro’s Red Line in rush hour attack
By Faiz Siddiqui
Washington Post, 2015-12-22

A man was assaulted aboard a Red Line train between Union Station and NoMa-Gallaudet University during Monday’s evening rush, according to Metro.

Metro officials said they received a report about 5:30 p.m. of an assault on a Red Line train that was approaching the NoMa station. In a statement, Metro spokeswoman Morgan Dye said a transit police officer who was on the platform “intercepted the train and stopped three juveniles” who ran off the train when it stopped. The youths could not be positively identified as suspects in the attack, Metro said.

Lori Kaplan, the wife of the victim, said Tuesday that her husband, whom she did not want to identify, was “terribly concussed” and suffered a broken jaw. He was undergoing X-rays and MRI exams.

Kaplan, senior director of audience insights at NPR, said she meets her husband every day at the NoMa station platform. About 5 p.m. Monday, she said, he texted her to say that there was an “idiot gang” in the first car and that he was going to move cars. Then, she said, he went silent.

Kristin Smyth, 28, an economist with the federal government, said she boarded the Red Line train at Union Station shortly after 5 p.m. She noticed a large, rowdy group of youths. “It started with two of the kids, two boys, egging each other on,” she said. ” ‘You bet I won’t do it. You bet I won’t do it.’ ”

She said one of the youths approached a man who appeared to be in his 30s and asked for his bag. The man remained calmly in his seat, she said, when one of the youths began throwing punches. In an email, Dye said the attack stemmed from an apparent attempted robbery of the bag.

Smyth said the punching continued maybe “30 seconds or so” when the victim, who appeared dazed, started to walk away from the youth. That’s when “the second kid jumped in and punched him square in the jaw,” she said.

She said the man passed out and hit the floor of the train’s front car. Smyth bolted toward the operator and knocked on the window.

“You’ve got to stop the train! You’ve got to get the police and the medics!” Smyth yelled.

Later, she said, the victim stood up and made his way to the front of the car.

“And his face was bloody, and he just kept saying, ‘What station is this?’ ‘Is my wife here?’ ” Smyth said.

He also asked, “Did I do something wrong? What happened?”

Smyth said the doors to her train car didn’t open when the train pulled into NoMa Gallaudet University station. It seemed the driver wanted to keep the youths trapped, she said. Metro Transit Police officers were on the platform, and when the operator spotted them, he pointed out the group believed to be responsible for the attack. But some of the attackers escaped, Smyth said, likely passing through the emergency doors and then boarding another Metro train in the opposite direction.

Eventually, she said, the victim met his wife on the train platform and laid his head down. An ambulance arrived shortly thereafter, the man’s bloodied face becoming worse by the second, she said. Kaplan said she mouthed “Thank you” to a few witnesses who stepped in as she walked her husband to the ambulance.

“His face — I’ve never seen a face looking like that. His face was ballooned out, his mouth was all bloody,” Smyth said. He told her that he could could feel himself losing teeth, Smyth said.

Smyth said witnessing the beating left her shaken. She rides the Metro from Brookland to her job in the Union Station area. Metro Transit Police spoke to her and several other witnesses she said.

“I just keep seeing that guy’s blood everywhere, and it was just at rush hour!” she said.

Dye said the investigation is continuing and will include a review of video surveillance for suspects.

[So ends the Washington Post story.
Surely the race of the suspects is known,
both by eyewitness account and from the surveillance video.
Is there anyone who does not wonder what it is?]

Green Line attack victim: “I constantly see that girl coming toward me”
By Faiz Siddiqui
Washington Post, 2016-01-14

[15-year-old girl arrested, whose race is not mentioned.]

Metro identifies juvenile suspect in Nov. 22 Green Line attack
By Faiz Siddiqui
Washington Post, 2016-01-05

[Suspect identified by Metro, but they're not mentioning his race.]

Former Marine, AU student says he was beaten in racially motivated attack
By Peter Hermann and Thomas Gibbons-Neff
Washington Post, 2016-02-16

A former U.S. Marine was assaulted at a downtown Washington McDonald’s restaurant Friday night in an attack the victim said was racially motivated, according to D.C. police.

Christopher Andrew Marquez — who attends American University and ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2014 in California — said in an interview that the attack occurred after several black youths asked him whether “black lives matter” and then called him racist.

Marquez, who is Hispanic, called the incident unprovoked.


[Here the Post at least mentioned that the assailants were black.
So this is not an example of "black privilege",
but it is the sort of thing that make one wonder what Christine Emba was referring to
when she decried "trotting out old canards about black-on-white crime".

For a fuller background of the ex-Marine victim,
see this Marine Corps Times 02-18 story.]