Is TeamPC winning?

One of the goals of the politically correct
is to invalidate the views of the politically incorrect
by asserting that they are caused,
not by rational reason
(e.g., the desire not to have America resemble Africa any more then it currently does),
but by sexual frustration.

Thus, in particular, if you express concern over the rising influence of blacks in America
(look at how black rule and black power has worked out in the regions where it is dominant,
sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti),
the attempt is made to assert that this is somehow linked to
supposed desire for sex with blacks, male or female.

Now maybe the above assertions are wrong.
Maybe TeamPC doesn't really work that way.
But there is a way to prove that the above assertions are entirely correct.
That is:
If I have been under investigation,
at any level,
of being possibly a threat to blacks men or women,
then that proves the above assertions to be correct.
Because there is no possible reason for asserting that I am a potential threat to blacks
other than the politically motivated ones outlined above.

any attempt to investigate me for sexual interests in blacks
is 100% motivated by political reasons.

This is significant for at least two reasons:
Personally, putting me under investigation for no good reason
is not a healthy act.
At a broader level,
if people can be swayed to put me under investigation for no good reason
then how much else of what people are being led to believe
is equally unfounded?
E.g., the reigning claim that sex between slave masters and female black slaves
was the result of rape by white men,
rather than black women seducing the white men into sex
so that they (as mothers of the children of the white men)
would have better treatment?