Policies of mass economic destruction

It really is (way past) time to begin examining
the economic and social policies which have yielded
the dismal economic situation in which the U.S. now finds itself.
While many aspects of this dismal situation have become matters of general concern,
such as the federal deficit and debt,
some have not yet, such as the trade deficit.
In any case, it is necessary, not only to recognize how grave the problem is,
but also its causes.

Just as an outline, we mention the following principle causes of the problem:
  1. Vastly expanded spending on
    transfer payments from producers to consumers
    (SS, Medicare, and Medicaid being the largest items).

  2. Low taxes on the rich, which exacerbate the federal deficit.

  3. The demand for low consumer prices,
    which has resulted in the dismantle of the trade and tariff barriers
    which as recently as the 1960s
    protected American manufacturers from competition from
    the low-wage and -benefit societies.

  4. The constantly rising rents demanded by
    the educational and health-care sectors of the economy,
    which amount to a general tax on those not in those sectors.

All of these contribute to the general economic plight of the general public.