What the feminists have wrought

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton promised last month that
the United States “will not . . . support a political process
that undoes
the social progress that has been made in the past decade.”

Amputations and genital injuries increase sharply among soldiers in Afghanistan
By David Brown
Washington Post, 2011-03-05

[With regard to Rodham Clinton’s phrase “social progress”
in her statement quoted above,
it is crucial to note that
many others view the changes to which she refers as cultural imperialism.
Further, they have every reason to so regard them,
and can be expected to wage unending war to repulse that imperialism,
just as they have repulsed all other attempts to change their ways
by other attempted conquerors.

Does your local feminist acknowledge these truths?
Or attempt to squelch any attempt to raise them?]

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