Election choice 2008

Time to turn vegan? :-)

How does a nice veggie burger sound now? :-)
Cf. More cf.

But where are the rubber duckies? :-)

A little change of pace:

What an argument against gay marriage!

Better abdomen than Jackie Warner, if you ask me.

(BTW, how politically correct are photos like that?)

For a nice shot of a young (pre-implant) topless Marilyn Chambers,
click here.

A link to some racier stuff is in the comments in the page source,
if you have sufficient patience and interest to find it there.

Drakes, then and now:

Thomas A. Drake
Robert Edwin Drake
Paul Drake

What a choice!

Either vote for someone who stands for the whole PC agenda
(feminism, affirmative action, excessive and unnecessary immigration,
the homosexual agenda, spending too much money on too much health care,
or vote for someone who stands for
a disastrous, excessively militarized and eschewing-reasonable-compromise
(with, in particular, most of the Muslim world,
especially the Iranians and the Palestinians)
foreign policy.
Both will
let Jews run key aspects of the country
(foreign [Lake, Berger, Holbrooke, Albright, Ross et al.]
and financial policy; e.g.)
using all too often the criterion “Is it good for the Jews?”.

I can’t vote for either.