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Sundance defines and discusses "Cold Anger"
by sd, 2018-10-02

The real title of this post is “Hillary Clinton Cackles and Laughs as Her Political Hyenas Attack….”, however,
after a brief presentation of that subject,
sundance turns to a detailed explanation of a term he uses quite a lot,
“Cold Anger”

The Cleaner…
Posted on November 12, 2018 by sundance, 2018-11-12

You see, there’s a bunch of ‘unofficial’ evidence, or data-points, that no-one can explain how or why they came to be visible. The data did not surface sequentially; but it surely surfaced purposefully from within the apparatus of government. Putting the evidence into a sequence that clarifies the picture is not easy. As a respected person recently shared:

“It’s almost like a separate discipline, sort of like textual forensics or document historiography; I don’t know how to describe it yet.”

In an earlier outline I shared the following questions:

How do we find out about the Mark Warner text messages?
Who publicly released the Carter Page FISA application?
Where did the four day flood of information (Dec 1st – 4th, 2017) about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok come from?
Who released that Page/Strzok information to the media? Why?
Who made the decision not to indict James Wolfe for leaking classified information?
Why be so specific details within the Wolfe indictment; then dismiss them?
Who made the decision NOT TO redact the key FISC clerk stamp?
Where is all of this “unofficial” evidence coming from?

Well, here’s my answers.


Because of the documents in question, the person would need to be inside the DOJ.
Because of the content of the documents, the person would have to be important enough to have access and knowledge of the bigger dynamic at play.
This person would also need to be high enough in the food chain to authorize the FISA release and have some control over the redaction process
(leaving the FISC Clerk stamp date visible).
This person would have to be high enough to ‘unofficially’ release the Warner text messages, and yet not be in fear after doing it.

In my opinion, that describes Matt Whitaker – AG Jeff Sessions Chief of Staff.

Reminder – Guidelines for Comments…
Posted on November 13, 2018 by sundance , 2018-11-13



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