False charges of anti-Semitism


Freshman who reported swastikas drew them as well
by Robert Lee and Jake Sherman, Hatchet Staff Writers
George Washington University Hatchet (student newspaper),
2007-11-05 (Monday)

[Emphasis is added.]

The University found
the student who reported several swastikas on her Mitchell Hall door
was the one who drew them.

Using footage from a hidden video camera,
the University Police Department
linked freshman Sarah Marshak with the vandalism.
She will now appear before Student Judicial Services
and could face federal and District charges,
a spokesperson announced Monday afternoon.

In an interview with The Hatchet Monday evening, Marshak, said
she only drew the final three of six swastikas on her door
in an attempt to highlight what she characterized as GW’s inaction.
Only hours earlier, Marshak categorically denied the charges.

“I wasn’t looking to create this, sort of, insanity,”
Marshak, who was previously a Hatchet reporter,
said in a phone interview.
“I wasn’t looking to become a media darling.
I was just looking for acknowledgment from University
that someone drew a swastika on the door.”

Marshak said Tara W. Pereira, director of SJS,
informed her she would likely be expelled.
Marshak said she did not want to leave GW but probably will.

Tracy Schario, a University spokesperson, said
GW stands by its statement
that they have a signed confession from Marshak.
Schario would not comment on
how many swastikas Marshak was responsible for,
only saying it was “several of the incidents.”

Robert Fishman, the director of Hillel, said during conversations,
Marshak always came across as rational.

“This is a definite cry for help on her part,”
Fishman said in a phone interview Monday.
[What BS.
How does he know that?
But it distracts from speculation on less favorable motives
(such as the desire
to hype the prevalence of anti-Semitism).]

“I can’t imagine why anyone would do anything like this.
I feel very sad for her.
At the same time I am upset that she had to resort to the actions she took.”


Schario would not comment whether the camera was placed in Mitchell Hall
by UPD or the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
who also was investigating the matter.

GWU student journalist admits hate crime hoax
By Michelle Malkin
MichelleMalkin.com, 2007-11-05

[An excerpt, without the links in the original:]

Looks like GWU student reporter Sarah Marshak, would fit right in at
ABC News, The New Republic, CBS, the NYTimes, etc., etc., etc.
She was caught on tape faking anti-Semitic hate against herself ...

University: Freshman drew swastikas
by Jake Sherman, Editor in Chief
George Washington University Hatchet (student newspaper),
2007-11-08 (Thursday)

Freshman Sarah Marshak
confessed to drawing more than three swastikas on her door
but told The Hatchet she only drew the final three.

University officials said Marshak was dishonest in statements to the media
and the University Police Department has a signed confession
stating she drew more than three of the hate symbols.

“(It is) important to note that
the victim has been dishonest with (The Hatchet) already,”
UPD Chief Dolores Stafford said.

Marshak, who traveled to Florida earlier this week,
drew at least five swastikas,
according to a high-level University official.
The official is being granted anonymity
because he or she is not authorized to speak about the case.

Marshak, formerly a Hatchet reporter,
could face harsher penalties for lying,
Stafford said.

Stafford also confirmed a camera placed by UPD, not the FBI,
caught Marshak drawing the swastika.

The University announced Monday
that Marshak drew the swastikas on her own door.
She said she only drew three
in an attempt to highlight the University’s inaction
in handling an initial swastika drawn on her door Oct. 23.