"Humanitarian" interventions and wars


Humanitarian Interventionism by the Numbers
by Philip Giraldi
Antiwar.com, 2011-04-07

[The conclusion of the article:]

The Democratic Party’s undying affection for humanitarian gestures
is more than regrettable.
Watching President Obama’s half smirk
as he explains in the most honest and truthful terms
how he is doing something wonderful for the Libyan people
is reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s similar unctuously sincere performances
as he ordered the bombing of Serbia.
Neither should be any more acceptable than the truly awful Bush Doctrine
that gave the United States carte blanche to invade any country in the world for reasons of security.
Both Republican and Democratic doctrines should be rejected
because experience suggests that they do not save lives anywhere,
quite the contrary,
and each unfortunate overseas adventure
only represents a new burden that has to be borne
with no discernible gain for the American people.


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by Henry A. Kissinger
Washington Post Opinion, 2012-03-30


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