The Hillary/Zawahiri nexus

I make the same pledge to the women of Afghanistan.
We will not abandon you.
We will stand with you always.

We thank God for appeasing us
with the dilemma in Iraq after Afghanistan.
The Americans are facing a delicate situation in both countries.
If they withdraw they will lose everything, and
if they stay they will continue to bleed to death.

We thank God
that the Afghans with such small power and such poverty
are confronted by America, which is a powerful force.
It is coming with all its force
to confront the Afghans from the East to the West.
In response, we, Afghans, also thank God
that [the United States] is standing against us....
If America make[s] aggression on our country,
we are ready with all our resources.
Out children, praise be to God, are also ready.
We, with love, want from Almighty God
that America comes to our territory.

Way to go, Hillary.
You really know how to make a state of permanent war.
Do you believe otherwise?