Health care rights


Various opinion-leaders have asserted that
having healthcare insurance is a right
that every American should have.
But what about the right to not have healthcare insurance?
Why should American no have the right to opt out?
In mandating that “all eligible Americans” must purchase health insurance,
they have clearly, manifestly, and undeniably
denied Americans that basic right.

And why should any American not want health insurance?
Because, especially with all the requirements
the federal government has added to its 2010 bill,
insurance companies are explicitly denied the right
to charge people according to the risk they present,
based on unbiased and undeniable actuarial grounds.
For example, statistically, the healthcare costs for the morbidly obese
are far higher than those for the general population.
Since being morbidly obese is a choice, not an act of God,
why should people who make that choice
not be charged for their health costs accordingly?
Why should the general population be required to subsidize the obese?
Those who have
1) imposed the requirement that all must have health insurance, and
2) prohibited the insurance companies from charging rates according to risk
are forcing the general public to subsidize obesity.
You no doubt have your own definition of morality;
to me that is immoral.