Drinking in the military

While over-consumption of alcohol, or any use of drugs, in the military
is certainly a serious matter and cause for concern,
it may be useful to put such in a historical perspective.
Perhaps the following view from 1736 England may be of interest,
or at least entertainment :-)
(For best effect,
set the YouTube “Quality” (the gear wheel at the lower right in the viewscreen)
to 720pHD.)

“The praise of Bacchus, then, the sweet musician sung”

The praise of Bacchus, then, the sweet musician sung;
Of Bacchus, ever fair, and ever young:
The jolly God in triumph comes;
Sound the trumpets, beat the drums:

Flush’d with a purple grace,
He shows his honest face;
Now give the hautboys breath; he comes, he comes!
Bacchus, ever fair and young,
Drinking joys did first ordain;

Bacchus’ blessings are a treasure,
Drinking is the soldier’s pleasure:
Rich the treasure,
Sweet the pleasure,
Sweet is pleasure after pain.

This is from Handel’s Alexander’s Feast,
celebrating the achievements of the noted general Alexander the Great,
who had his own set of problems in Afghanistan, then called Bactria.
Think the Army Band and Chorus might be brave enough to perform this in concert?

By the way, Alexander’s Feast contains another well-known, rousing number:

Happy, happy, happy pair!

None but the brave,
None but the brave,
None but the brave deserves the fair.