Does Hillary Clinton lie? (Do bears ... ?)

Mother of Benghazi Victim Has ‘Very Simple’ Two-Word Reaction to Clinton’s Testimony
by Oliver Darcy
The Blaze, 2015-10-23

The mother of a U.S. diplomat killed in the 2012 Benghazi attacks blasted Hillary Clinton Thursday,
telling Fox News she had a “very simple” response to the Democratic frontrunner’s testimony: “She lies!”

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, told host Megyn Kelly
she was not impressed with Clinton’s 11-hour testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

When asked to respond, she immediately did so with two words.

“She lies!” Smith passionately said. “Very simple.”

“She is not telling the truth,” the mother continued.
“She’s trying to push her own agenda through.”

Smith added that each time she asks the government for more details about her sons death,
she’s told she’s “not a member of the immediate family.”

“I’ve got to know what happened,” Smith told Kelly.
“They don’t tell me. I still don’t know. The government has never told me.
They have never contacted me, and I’ve got to know. That was my only child.”

[Clearly, there is a five letter word for Hillary Clinton.
I would use it,
except using it might violate Google/Blogspot's "terms of service"
(which constrains saying anything considered too "offensive").

Evidently "the sisterhood" does not include Patricia Smith.
Something young women might want to think about.

Isn't it amazing that the MSM seems to be ignoring this story?
Might interfere with their coronation of Queen Hillary.

What a bunch of dirty filth-bags, pushing their PC agenda.

If I sound irate at the media (I am),
for another reason see the following story.]

Mother of Slain Benghazi American Explodes on Andrea Mitchell Reports:
‘You Can’t Understand!’

by J.D. Durkin
Mediaite, 2015-10-26

... all of the cable news channels and beyond.
Most have suggested Thursday’s hearing did little to dent the Clintonian armor.

[They really, really, don't give a shit about pointing out the holes in Clinton's testimony.

Is it not obvious how biased they are
when they crown Hillary as triumphant after the Democratic debate,
after the Benghazi hearing,
without pointing out the deficiencies in her statements?

For example, after the Democratic debate,
many of the media commentators fell all over themselves
to declare Hillary the winner on account of her demeanor:
"She seemed presidential."
But they ignored the on-going problems with the substance of what she was saying and ignoring.]


What Benghazi family members say Hillary Clinton said about the video
By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post "Fact Checker", 2016-01-04

The Fact Checker previously looked into allegations that Hillary Clinton had told two stories after the 2012 Benghazi attacks that left four Americans dead — a private one that it was a terrorist attack and the public one that blamed Muslim outrage over a YouTube video. The evidence was mixed, open to interpretation, but we concluded that there was not enough for GOP rivals to make definitive judgments that she lied.

The Clinton campaign at the time declined to discuss Clinton’s statements to family members at the transfer of remains ceremony held at Joint Base Andrews on Sept. 14, 2012. But on Dec. 6, George Stephanopoulus directly asked the question. Clinton rejected the claim of some family members that she had blamed the video in private conversations. Then, she did so again in an interview with the editorial board of the Conway Daily News a few weeks later.


[Charles Woods, the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods]
has pinned the video reference entirely on Clinton —
and says he has the notes to prove it.
He said that after he returned to his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown,
he pulled out his pocket-sized at-a-glance calendar and jotted down the following sentence:
“I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand, and she said
we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son.”

A photograph is below:

He said the entry is written on Sept. 15 because the day above it has other notes, including phone numbers of other family members that he did not want displayed. He said one notation reads: “6 am: Ty killed in Benghazi working for the State Dept.”

“Obama just said I’m sorry,” Woods recalled. “Joe Biden, he mentioned he went through something similar.” (Later, he said, Biden called out in a booming voice, “I heard your son always had balls the size of cue balls.”)

But Clinton, he said, did not offer any type of condolence but instead straight-up referenced the video. He said he wrote down the statement because he thought it was so strange that she would immediately talk about taking legal action, before the facts were apparent.

(Note: Mark Basseley Youssef, the filmmaker behind “Innocence of Muslims,” in 2012 was sentenced to a year in prison for violating the terms of his release from an earlier conviction.)

“I guess she thought it was going to make me feel better,” he said. “It offended me. This is not the way an attorney ethically is supposed to act…. I had never heard about a video in Libya. Did I even know what they are referring to? I don’t recall.”

Woods first publicly described this encounter with Clinton on the Lars Larson Show on Oct. 23, 2012, when he called in to the conservative-leaning radio program upset over Fox News reporting that suggested that White House officials had watched the attack unfold in real time through drone videos. (That turned out to be incorrect.)

The host brought up the video, asserting that Clinton in her public remarks blamed the video as being responsible for Tyrone Woods’s death.

Woods replied: “Well, this is what Hillary did. She came over and, you know, she did the same thing. You know, separately came over and talked with me. I gave her a hug, shook her hand. And she did not appear to be one bit sincere at all, and, you know, she mentioned that thing about, ‘We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.’ That was the first time I had even heard anything like that.”

At another point in the interview, Woods recounted the conversation this way: “Hillary said, ‘We’re going to go, and we’re going to take care of these people that were responsible for your son’s death.’”

Two days later, on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze,” Woods quoted Clinton as saying: “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”

[Most of the other family members cited by Kessler
have no such memory of Hillary referencing the anti-Muslim video.]


The Pinocchio Test

Every person we interviewed appeared sincere about recounting what they remember they had heard.

Even with the sharply different versions, one can see that elements of the recollections overlap. Someone — the Libyan ambassador or Clinton or both — said the people responsible would be prosecuted. Clinton spoke about conditions in Africa, but in one instance the memory is more directly related to the attack.

Clinton says that in speaking with the families, she did not blame the Benghazi attacks on the video. Most participants we interviewed (four out of six) back up her version, saying they do not recall her mentioning a video.

Perhaps it all started with a comment made by Rice (who two days later would famously go on national television and make a direct link between the video and the attack, thus spoiling her chance to become secretary of state). Perhaps the question of who said what at what moment got jumbled over time. Or perhaps Clinton mentioned the video privately to just two people — and not to others.

Clearly we cannot come to a resolution that would be beyond dispute. Readers will have to come to their own conclusions based on the evidence we have assembled. (Any family members who could not be located are welcome to contact The Fact Checker, and we will update with their recollections.)

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Benghazi Cover-up Challenged by New Film, More Hearings
by Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media, 2016-01-08


In his latest fact check on January 4th, Kessler refused to assign blame to any party at all. The truth, he argues, cannot be found in the dispute between the families of the deceased and Mrs. Clinton.

“Perhaps it all started with a comment made by Rice (who two days later would famously go on national television and make a direct link between the video and the attack, thus spoiling her chance to become secretary of state),” writes Kessler. “Perhaps the question of who said what at what moment got jumbled over time. Or perhaps Clinton mentioned the video privately to just two people—and not to others.”

“Clearly we cannot come to a resolution that would be beyond dispute,” Kessler writes. Kessler is trying to insinuate that the family members of the victims have faulty memories of what happened when they met Mrs. Clinton. True, memories do shift over the years. That is why Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, has perhaps the most convincing story.

Woods provided Kessler with photographic evidence of his September 15, 2012 calendar entry about Mrs. Clinton’s statements. Woods also called in to the Lars Larson show just over a month after the attacks, on October 23, 2012, and told the radio host: “And she did not appear to be one bit sincere at all, and, you know, she mentioned that thing about, ‘We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.’” Shortly thereafter, he appeared on The Blaze making similar comments.

Woods also went on the One America News Network this week and challenged Mrs. Clinton to take a lie detector test, along with him, to determine which one is telling the truth.

Townhall cites not two, but four, family members claiming that Mrs. Clinton is an outright liar. But, according to Kessler’s account, the family members claiming she told them about the video are only two: Patricia Smith, the mother of information officer Sean Smith—who died along with Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Special Mission Compound—and Woods.

The other family members—Barbara Doherty, Cheryl Croft Bennett, and Jan Stevens—Kessler writes, told him that Mrs. Clinton did not mention the video.

Kessler does admit that he did not speak to all of the family members. However, his treatment of Kate Quigley raises suspicions as to his overall method.

To add to the appearance of ambiguity, Kessler’s January 4th article casts Quigley, sister of the other deceased security contractor, Glenn Doherty, as having told him that Mrs. Clinton “made no mention of a video, but did refer to a ‘spontaneous protest.’”

In the previous month, according to Mediaite’s Alex Griswold, Quigley directly accused Mrs. Clinton of lying about blaming the attack on the video during the funeral.

“I know what she said to me and she can say all day long that she didn’t say it. That’s her cross to bear,” Quigley told Boston Herald Radio, according to Griswold. Patricia Smith also told the House Government Affairs Committee that a number of administration officials, from President Obama to Susan Rice to Hillary Clinton, all told her that the video was to blame.

What Kessler casts as anecdotal conjecture amounts to far more substance: it is congressional testimony, photographic evidence, and contemporaneous accounts. Yet Mrs. Clinton emerges unscathed from the Post not because she has admitted the truth, but because the liberal media remain loath to challenge her.

Instead, news organizations such as The Hill continue to claim that pursuing the truth behind the Benghazi attacks is a wasteful partisan anti-Hillary vendetta.

“Committee Republicans have long denied allegations that they are bent on a purely political mission to smear former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, rather than being motivated by a desire for the facts surrounding the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya,” reported The Hill’s Julian Hattem in his January 4th article covering the Select Committee on Benghazi’s latest round of closed door hearings. The Select Committee interviewed former CIA Director David Petraeus for the second time on Wednesday, and will interview former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday.

“Democrats have opposed the existence of the special committee since it was created in 2014,” Hattem reports. “Two GOP lawmakers and one former Republican committee staffer added fuel to the fire last year, by claiming that a core goal of the committee was to tear down Clinton’s presidential ambitions.” We challenged that claim at the time. Hattem also claimed that there was no “damning evidence” against Mrs. Clinton’s job performance and integrity from the October hearing.

No further evidence is necessary to implicate Mrs. Clinton in the Benghazi cover-up. She has deleted half of her emails, provided the State Department with altered messages, lied about having classified information on her private email server, and worked with the White House to blame an attack on a YouTube video while fully aware that this video had nothing to do with the Benghazi terror attacks. But the mainstream media are more concerned with ensuring that Hillary Clinton attains the presidency than vetting her as a candidate.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, appeared on Fox News on January 7th talking about the status of the hearings, the work of the Select Committee, and when he expects the committee to complete their work. Gowdy said that he is eager to wrap it up, having already interviewed 65 witnesses and received about 100,000 documents. He said, “I am waiting on documents from the White House, the CIA and the State Department.” He said that he believes he’s getting close, that he has about a dozen more witnesses to interview, and that he wants to wait for the remaining documents. In the end, Gowdy said that “I trust my fellow citizens to judge the full body of our work.”

I can assure Chairman Gowdy that we at the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi will be judging the full body of their work. But if they are waiting until all relevant documents are handed over, the Obama administration will surely run out the clock on them. As we have repeatedly documented, the key aspects of this multi-layered scandal are already well established and on the record. The challenge for the Select Committee is to effectively explain the Benghazi narrative in an environment where a hostile and corrupt news media will be attempting to dismiss and discredit their final report in an effort to protect and defend President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Some Fox News interviews:

Fox News Kelly File interview with
Mark Geist known as Oz,
Kris Paronto who goes by Tanto, and
John Tiegen also known as Tig,
“Real-life Benghazi heroes open up about '13 Hours' movie” (17:34)

Fox News Kelly File with Brit Hume, 2016-01-05:
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