Bashing the intelligence community

How to bash the intelligence community (IC):

When an intelligence failure manifests itself, such as on 2001-09-11,
bash the IC for not doing enough,
not collecting enough intelligence,
not analyzing it properly (connecting the dots), and
not sufficiently reading the minds of those who might desire to harm America.

When things are going right, i.e., no immediate intelligence failure is evident,
bash the IC for doing too much:
collecting too much intelligence (e.g., NSA collection methods),
using excessively harsh interrogation methods (e.g., by the CIA).

make absolutely sure that Israel is never blamed for motivating terrorism
through its actions.
Downplay or minimize the fact that U.S. actions in the Muslim world
invite retaliation by those who feel those actions are unjust.
If captured terrorists desire to explain
exactly why they committed their acts of terrorism,
deny them to opportunity to explain their motivations in their own words,
because to do so would be "rewarding terrorism."
Make sure that all explanations for why terrorists commit their terrorist acts
come from people who never, never will blame Israel for anything.
Rather, they will assert that the only way to stop terrorism
is to control territory in the Muslim world
(thus ensuring an endless cycle of Muslim grievances against the U.S.).
I.e., a formula for perpetual war that
the Oceania Ministry of Truth would be proud of.

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