Who gets into Harvard?

For an extremely provocative examination of this question
(and the broader one of who gets into all the Ivy League universities),
see the quite lengthy and thoroughly researched and documented article
that was published in the December 2012 The American Conservative:
The Myth of American Meritocracy
(How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?)

by its publisher, Ron Unz.

Its sections:
1. The Battle for Elite College Admissions
2. Asian-Americans as the “New Jews”
3. Estimating Asian Merit
4. Asian-Americans and Jews
5. The Strange Collapse of Jewish Academic Achievement
6. Meritocracy vs. Jews
7. Elite Colleges Look Neither Like America
Nor Like America’s Highest-Ability Students
8. The Disturbing Reality of the Elite College Admission System
9. Problems with Pure Diversity and Pure Meritocracy
10. An Inner Ring and an Outer Ring

There is an interesting discussion of this article at
Ron Unz on the illusory American meritocracy
by Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer, 2012-12-13

[Much of MacDonald's article consists of repeating parts of Unz's article,
but here are some of MacDonald's original remarks:]

[T]here are no analogous organizations advanc[ing]
the interests of non-Jewish Whites (or Asians, for that matter)
in fairness in academic admissions (and much else).

It’s therefore not surprising that
Unz’s article is not getting the sort of media buzz
that, say, an article on the victimization of groups
loved by the left (non-Whites, immigrants, gays, etc.)
would receive.
As Unz notes, “any significant reduction in Jewish enrollment
may often be denounced as [anti-Semitism] by the hair-trigger media”—
the same media that yawns at the gaping underrepresentation of non-Jewish Whites.

As someone who has written extensively about Jewish power and ethnic networking
without success in getting it discussed in the mainstream media or academic world,
I can’t say I am surprised at the virtual blackout of Unz’s article.
I subscribe to the Jewish Telegraph Agency’s email newsletter
which keeps obsessive track of all things Jewish.
But no mention at all of Unz’s article.
So why should Harvard change its ways
when there is no pressure for doing so?
Asian activist groups will doubtless take heart from his findings
and perhaps pursue them publicly.
But they will be able to do so without having to raise any Jewish issues,
making the very respectable claim that Harvard et al. are too White.
In a recent blog, Unz notes that
an Asian-American professor has publicized Unz’s findings,
but predictably, the professor cares only about the Asians
and not the non-Jewish Whites.
The complete lack of powerful groups
seeking to advance the interests of non-Jewish White Americans
has never been more glaring.


The same groups that are horrified at “White domination”
would never complain about Jewish domination.
Every year at Oscar time, the LATimes
bemoans the fact that “White males” dominate Hollywood,
but they never point out that all those White males are Jewish.
And they never seem too bothered by the fact that nothing changes.
Jews have dominated Hollywood for nearly a century,
with no end in sight despite common knowledge of the situation.
I rather doubt it will be different in the case of university admissions.


In my 1998 book, The Culture of Critique,
I predicted the rise of a Jewish cultural and media elite
and an Asian technocratic elite.
As Unz shows, the rise of Asians in technical areas is well underway
and will continue to grow in the future along with the Asian population.


Ron Unz has made a major contribution with this article.
Let’s hope it has the effect of waking up some of the
many millions of slumbering, fearful Whites
who are presently just standing by and watching their displacement.

Miscellaneous Articles


Harvard Corp., UNC Officials Sued For Asian Admission Bias
By Christie Smythe
Bloomberg Business Week, 2014-11-17

Administrators of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were sued by an advocacy group claiming race-based admissions policies violate the constitutional rights of highly qualified Asian applicants.

Students for Fair Admissions Inc., a group which said it represents unidentified college applicants rejected by both schools, alleged in lawsuits filed today that the use of racial preferences illegally limited admission of Asian Americans.

Such applicants “understand that they are not competing” against “the entire applicant pool,” the group said in its filing against Harvard’s governing body, the Harvard Corp., in Boston federal court. “They are competing only against each other, and all other racial and ethnic groups are insulated from competing against high-achieving Asian Americans.”



Even With Affirmative Action,
Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago

New York Times, 2017-08-24

[Apparently all gentile whites have not yet been
squeezed out of the "top colleges".]

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