What is (university) educational quality?

So the Obama administration defines the elements of institutional quality
to be affordability, access and outcomes.
Do you define the quality of an automobile by its price, or affordability?
Of course not.
There are both objective and subjective measures of automobile quality:
What is its performance?
How do you like its styling?
These are quite distinct from its price.
The combination of the two is called "value".
Further, what on earth does "access" have to do with educational quality?
Many Americans in the years before, say, 1960,
enrolled in universities which only admitted white men.
That, ipso facto, limited their access.
Did that in any way diminish the education they received?
Yes, in a certain respect, which some think is important.
But in many other respects, not at all.
The scientific and technological achievements of which Americans have been so proud
were, up until 1965 at least,
made by men who were educated at those restrictive universities.
Or to take another example,
the rockets which sent men to the moon and back in the late 1960s
were designed largely by men who had been trained in Germany,
in an educational system which also was limited to white men.
Were those rockets not of good quality?
So let's not put down (the outcomes of) educational systems which were limited to white men.