Total Feminist Hypocrisy

Consider the highlighted statement by Anne-Marie Slaughter in the specified opinion piece:

Feeling typecast, Madam Secretary?
By Anne-Marie Slaughter
Washington Post Outlook, 2012-12-09


As someone who worked in Clinton’s State Department —
and has written frequently about
the importance of having more women in high foreign policy positions
and the difference that can make
to the substance as well as the style of U.S. foreign policy —
I think the question of
whether women are
particularly well-suited to
nurturing relationships,
marshaling cooperation
and conducting tough negotiations around the world

is worth asking.

In some ways the answer is yes.

Okay, back to the author of this blog (sexist PIG that he no doubt is!).
What if you, I, or your typical university professor were to state:
I think the question of
whether men are
particularly well-suited to
understanding complex mathematical situations
and coming up with solutions to complex mathematical problems
and new, useful ways of organizing those situations

is worth asking.

In some ways the answer is yes.

What would be the reaction of the people around him?
If he is employed by, say, a university,
how long would he stay employed?

Actually, we have the answer to that question.
Consider the case of Larry Summers.
The faculty around him rose up in arms against him for merely raising the possibility,
and he was, for this very reason, deposed as president of Harvard University.

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