The Bruce Jenner gender insanity case

Caitlyn Jenner comes out, and social conservatives take an apocalyptic view
[Note the bigotry right there in the title:
the Washington Post is calling the clearly insane Bruce Jenner
by a female name.]

By Robert Costa and Philip Rucker
Washington Post, 2015-06-04

In the four days since Bruce Jenner came out as a woman named Caitlyn, many Americans have celebrated her [sic] transformation as a courageous and even heroic act.

No amount of cosmetic surgery nor dressing in women's clothing
can turn a man into a woman.
Just. Not. Possible.
Only the demented would think it could.

Check out, for example,
Human Genetics Revolution Tells Us That Men and Women Are Not the Same
No hormone treatments, etc., will change a person's genetic structure.]

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