The accusations from Christine Blasey Ford

First, there is a transcript of the 2018-09-27 Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh hearing here.

Some excerpts from that transcript:


In your letter you wrote, “Both loudly stumbled down the stairwell, at which point other persons at the house were talking with them.” Does that ring a bell?

FORD: Yes. I had to walk past everyone to leave the house, so…



You said that you do not remember how you got home, is that correct?

FORD: I do not remember…


FORD: … other than I did not drive home.


FORD: Yes.

I was going to the Potomac Village Safeway — this is the one on the corner of Falls and River Road — and I was with my mother. And I was a teenager, so I wanted her to go in one door and me go in the other.

So I chose the wrong door, because the door I chose was the one where Mark Judge was — looked like he was working there and arranging the shopping carts.
And I said “Hello” to him.

[KH comment: I find that very hard to believe.
If Mark Judge had done the things to her that she says he did,
shy on earth would she say “Hello” to him?
From what I know about women, most would do everything possible to, if avoiding him was impossible, to ignore him.
Is this what women do, say “Hello” to people who attempted to rape them?]

And we had previously been friendly at the times that we saw each other over the previous two years. Albeit not very many times, we had always been friendly with one another.

I wouldn’t characterize him as not friendly. He was just nervous and not really wanting to speak with me.

DURBIN: How long…

FORD: And he — he looked a little bit ill.


MITCHELL: Would it be fair to say that somebody drove you somewhere, either to the party or home from the party?

FORD: Correct.


GRASSLEY: Since this issue’s come up so many times, I’d like to comment.

The New Yorker published an anonymous account of allegations, September the 14th. Two days later, Dr. Ford identified herself as the victim in a Post article, detailing her allegations.

I immediately directed my staff to investigate. September the 17th, Dr. Ford’s counsel went on several television shows, requesting that her client have an opportunity to tell her story.

The same day, I scheduled a hearing for Monday, September the 24th giving Dr. Ford a week to prepare her testimony and come to Washington, D.C.

On September the 17th, the committee investigative staff reached out to Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh to schedule follow-up interviews with Republican and Democrat investigators.

Judge Kavanaugh accepted the opportunity to speak to the investigators under criminal penalty. Dr. Ford declined.

In his interview on September the 17th, Judge Kavanaugh denied the allegations and requested a hearing as soon as possible. Democratic staff refused to participate in that interview.

The next day, September the 18th, committee investigative staff contacted Mark Judge requesting an interview. Committee staff also learned the identity of two other alleged partygoers and requested interviews. Mark Judge submitted a statement under penalty of felony denying knowledge of the party described by Dr. Ford and states that he never saw Brett at the — in the manner described by Dr. Ford.


MITCHELL: OK. In reading The Washington Post article, it mentions that this incident that we’re here about contributed to anxiety and PTSD problems with which you have struggled. The word contributed, does that mean that there are other things that have happened that have also contributed to anxiety and PTSD?

FORD: I think that’s a great question. I think the etiology if anxiety and PTSD is multifactorial. So that was certainly a critical risk — risk that — we would call a risk factor in science, so that would be a predictor of the symptoms that I now have.

It doesn’t mean that other things that have happened in my life would have — would make it worse or better. There are other risk factors as well.

MITCHELL: So have there been other things, then, that have contributed to the anxiety and PTSD that you suffered?

FORD: Well, I think there’s, sort of, biological predispositions that everyone in here has for particular disorders. So I can’t rule out that I would have some biological predisposition to be, you know…

MITCHELL: What about…

FORD: … an anxious type person.

MITCHELL: … what about environmental?

FORD: Environmentally, not that I can think of.


FORD: Certainly, no — nothing as striking as that event.



May I ask, Dr. Ford, how did you get to Washington?

FORD: In an airplane.

MITCHELL: OK. It’s — I ask that, because it’s been reported by the press that you would not submit to an interview with the committee because of your fear of flying. Is — is that true?

FORD: Well, I was willing —
I was hoping that they would come to me,
but then I realized that was an unrealistic request.

MITCHELL: It would’ve been a quicker trip for me.

FORD: Yes. So that was certainly what I was hoping, was to avoid having to get on an airplane, but I eventually was able to get up the gumption with the help of some friends, and get on the plane.

MITCHELL: OK (ph). When you were here in the mid — mid-Atlantic area back in August, end of July, August, how did you get here?

FORD: Also by airplane. I come here once a year during the summer to visit my family.


FORD: I’m sorry, not here. I go to Delaware.

MITCHELL: OK. In fact, you fly fairly frequently for your hobbies and your — you’ve had to fly for your work. Is that true?

FORD: Correct, unfortunately.


MITCHELL: It is long.

I also saw on your C.V. that you list the following interests of surf travel, and you, in parentheses” Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific islands and French Polynesia.” Have you been all to those places?

FORD: Correct.

MITCHELL: By airplane?

FORD: Yes.

MITCHELL: And your interests also include oceanography, Hawaiian and Tahitian culture. Did you travel by air as a part of those interests?

FORD: Correct.

MITCHELL: All right. Thank you very much.

FORD: Easier for me to travel going that direction when it’s a vacation.

[KHarbaugh comment: Cf. this blog post by Steve Sailer.]


GRASSLEY: Dr. Ford. I’m going to correct the record
but it’s not something that I’m saying that you stated wrongly because you may not know the fact that
when – when you said that you didn’t think it was possible for us to go to California as a committee or our investigators to go to California to talk to you,
we did, in fact, offer that to you
and we had the capability of doing it
and we would’ve done it anywhere or anytime.

FORD: Thank you.


MITCHELL: Why did you contact the Washington Post, then, on July 6th?

FORD: So, I was panicking because I knew the timeline was short for the decision and people were giving me advice on the beach. People who don’t know about the processes, but they were giving me advice.

And many people told me, “You need to hire a lawyer,” and I didn’t do that. I didn’t understand why I would need a lawyer. Somebody said, “Call the New York Times, call the Washington Post, put in an anonymous tip, go to your congressperson.”

And when I weighed those options, I felt like the best option was to try to do the civic route which is to go to my congressperson, who happens to be Anna Eshoo. So I called her office and I also put in the anonymous tip to The Washington Post. And neither — unfortunately, neither got back to me in — before the selection of the nominee.



Was it communicated to you by your counsel or someone else, that the committee had asked to interview you and that — that they offered to come out to California to do so?

BROMWICH: We’re going to object, Mr. Chairman, to any call for privileged conversations between counsel and Dr. Ford. It’s a privileged conversation…


GRASSLEY: Would — could — could we — could you validate the fact that the offer was made without her saying a word?


GRASSLEY: Is it possible for that question to be answered without violating any counsel relationships?

FORD: Can I say something to you — do you mind if I say something to you directly?


FORD: I just appreciate that you did offer that. I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and had you — had been happy to speak with you out there. I just did not — it wasn’t clear to me that that was the case.

GRASSLEY: OK. Does that take care of your question?

MITCHELL: Yes. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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Ranking Member Refuses to Disclose Secret Allegations Even After Dr. Ford Goes Public
Letter from Chuck Grassley, Chairman Senate Judiciary Committee to Senator Diane Feinstein, Ranking Member, 2018-09-19

Dr. Ford has asked for the opportunity to be heard in a hearing,
and I [SJC Chairman Chuck Grassley] believe she should have that opportunity.
I recognize that testifying publicly about sexual assault allegations may be difficult for Dr. Ford,
so I have offered her the opportunity to testify in any of four possible venues:
(1) a public hearing;
(2) a private hearing;
(3) a public staff interview; or
(4) a private staff interview.
I am even willing to have my staff travel to Dr. Ford in California—or anywhere else—
to obtain her testimony.

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Woman denies attending party where alleged Kavanaugh assault occurred
Politico, 2018-09-22

A woman whom Christine Blasey Ford said was at a party where Ford claimed she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh is denying that she knows the Supreme Court nominee.

In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee sent Saturday evening and obtained by POLITICO, Leland Keyser said she does not know Kavanaugh or remember being at a party with him. The committee believed Keyser was one of the unnamed people referred to in a Washington Post story whom Ford remembered attending the high school party. Ford told the Post that she remembered Keyser being at the party.

"Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh
and she has no recollection of
ever being at a party or gathering where he was present,
with, or without, Dr. Ford,"

said Howard Walsh, who said he has been "engaged in the limited capacity" of corresponding with the committee on behalf of Keyser.

Walsh's email was in response to a missive from one of the lawyers for the GOP majority staff, which stated: "I understand that you have been identified as an individual who was in attendance at a party that occurred circa 1982 described in a recent Washington Post article."

Ford's attorney Debra Katz dismissed the significance of the email because "she did not share her story publicly or with anyone for years following the incident with Judge Kavanaugh."

"It's not surprising that Ms. Keyser has no recollection of the evening
as they did not discuss it.
It's also unremarkable that Ms. Keyser does not remember attending
a specific gathering 30 years ago
at which nothing of consequence happened to her.
Dr. Ford of course will never forget this gathering
because of what happened to her there,"

Katz said.

[But look carefully.
Keyser made a much more sweeping statement than that which Katz claims to answer.]

The Post story reported that Ford named two other teenagers at the party where the incident allegedly occurred, in addition to Mark Judge, who said he had "no memory" of the alleged assault more than 30 years ago.

Patrick J. Smyth said earlier this week that he has "no knowledge" of the party. He told the committee that he understands that "I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as 'PJ' who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post."

In a statement released late Saturday, White House spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said: "One week ago, Dr. Christine Ford claimed she was assaulted at a house party attended by four others. Since then, all four of these individuals have provided statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of the incident or even having attended such a party,” according to a pool report.

New Yorker Publishes Accusation Containing ZERO Evidence to Support, and 100% of Evidence To Refute…
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The New Yorker runs an article about an accusation made by a woman named Deborah Ramirez (53, pictured right) about a freshman party at Yale, where she claims she was in a drunken stupor and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, then 18, pulled out his penis during a drinking game.

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During a break in the testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford, democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee attempts to discretely pass along an envelope to notoriously corrupt DC attorney Michael Bromwich.

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Mission Accomplished – Senator Jeff Flake Supports The Democrat DC Scheme – Kavanaugh FBI Investigation To Be Manipulated By Michael Bromwich…
by "sundance"
The Conservative Tree House, 2018-09-28

The events surrounding the use of Jeff Flake by politically corrupt democrats, with the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh are beyond transparent. This is a scheme. All of it. A strategic approach to eliminate the current threat (Kavanaugh confirmation) and simultaneously gain leverage for use in this years mid-term elections. This is a scheme.

Today the democrats in the judiciary committee, fully engaged political operatives, talked Jeff Flake into supporting a call for a week-long delay in the full senate confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. Flake, who is not running for re-election, advances the nomination out of committee – and simutaneously states he will not support a full senate vote until the FBI conducts an investigation into the ridiculous claims against Kavanaugh.

Jeff Flake will be financially rewarded *after* the spotlight fades, when no-one is paying attention, through the matrix of big business interests in 2019.
This is all DC corrupt politics at its worst.

Senator Flake (R-AZ) provides political cover for Senator Murkowski (R-AK) and Senator Collins (R-ME) to join with him with similar demands. Under political pressure from rabid ideologues, and with general alignment toward those corrupt purposes, Murkowski and Collins will now make a similar demand for an extension of time for the FBI to conduct an investigation.

Now the real reason for FBI insider Michael Bromwich to join the efforts on September 22nd surfaces. Bromwich, a former inspector general within the DOJ/FBI, is part of the corrupt FBI operational system we have seen surface over the past year. Bromwich represents fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The career operatives within the FBI have a risk from the ongoing internal investigations; and as an outcome, have a mutual interest in assisting Mr. Bromwith. A natural alignment.

Democrat political operative and attorney Debra Katz (representing Ms. Ford), and Mr. Bromwich, are now aiding the efforts of their political allies. The united interests want Kavanaugh’s confirmation pushed to the mid-term election so they can deploy maximum political benefit to get out their base in a quest to defeat the nomination.

The delay allows the corrupt FBI inside group to work on discovering more Christine Ford’s, so the process can be dragged out. One week, becomes two weeks, becomes… well, you get the picture… an investigation timeline takes over the internal Senate confirmation timeline. ie. “we can’t hold a vote until the investigation is complete”, blah, blah, blah.

This is all transparent.

This is how DC works.

How much is Jeff Flake’s position worth? Likely tens of millions.

Flake gives the corrupt DC system a Collins and Murkowski delay. Flake, Collins and Murkowski, give the democrats and corrupt system an endless and useful delay to the mid-terms.

This will not end in a week.

There will be more smears.

Even without more smears, the current smear investigation will continue until the mid-term narrative: “let the voters decide“, is close enough to be deployed. The media will advance this stage with great alignment.

This is the current state affairs.

This is the corrupt DC swamp everyone knows.

President Trump Concedes – Requests “limited” FBI Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh – Democrats Respond: “this is only one step in the process”…
by sundance, TCH, 2018-09-28

The Democrats are smart. They have now positioned the investigation such that any perceived interference by the White House will be weaponized. The public narrative will be to demand “independence” for the FBI; this allows them to manipulate the investigative parameters from within. Their operatives are already in place.

If President Trump, or any executive branch official acting on his behalf, attempts to set limits on the FBI investigation of a supreme court nominee, the President will have established the legal grounds for his impeachment. I know these people. I know their playbook. As Mr. Bromwich and Ms. Katz stated this is “a step in their process“.

Ms. Ford will avoid being available for an interview for as long as possible. She will then provide a name of a critical witness…. who will also avoid being available for an interview for a long as possible…. who will eventually also give a name of a corroborating witness, perhaps with recordings,… who will avoid being available for an interview for as long as possible…. And so it will go, and so it will go.

Within each step, each day in the process, the insider narrative engineers will be leaking “explosive developments” to the media; who will engage their readers with constructs of wide-eyed interest. Everyone will be enthralled; thousands of leads will be developed; the nation will be absorbed… Democrats will control every nuance.

Leaks Begin – FBI Contacts Accuser Deborah Ramirez…
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Not much of interest here, beyond mention of a leak.

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Consider this the official triggering of phase #3 in a well planned, thoughtful, well mapped-out process by professional Democrats and their media allies.
Phase 1 – Activate last minute delay chaos (prior “Me Too” investment).
Phase 2 – Use sex assault claims to demand investigation, further delay. Use republicans, not democrats, to establish/frame the delay.
Phase 3 – Use investigation to frame validity narrative; further delay. Use republican fear, not democrats, to continue the delay.
Phase 4 – Use “deeply flawed” investigation narrative to penetrate mid-term membrane…. “Let the voters decide”.
Phase 5 – The mid-term election.

So far, the DC UniParty is executing this flawlessly.

Phase #3 – Dianne Feinstein Demands Details of FBI Investigation….
by sd, 2018-09-30

“Analysis of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Allegations”
by Rachel Mitchell, 2018-09-30

sundance comments on the report.

Kavanaugh Smear Campaign – Anticipating Mid-Week Shift To Phase #4
by sd, 2018-10-01

This entire scheme has been a carefully manufactured process from the outset.
That’s why Mrs. Blasey-Ford [Dr. Bleach Bit] social media was scrubbed in advance.
All of this was tightly coordinated and loosely framed.

Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination – Outlines Political Standard for Nomination Withdrawal…
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Christine Blasey-Ford Friend In Delaware Was Career FBI Agent and Likely Together During Accusation Letter Construct…
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Retired FBI Agent/DOJ Lawyer Ms. Monica McLean Attended Kavanaugh Hearing With Blasey-Ford…
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Phase Four: FBI Investigation Complete, Democrats Begin “Deeply Flawed Investigation” Narrative…
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Report: Ford’s FBI Friend, Monica McLean, Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony and Statement…
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Final Vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh – Senate Livestream and Discussion…
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Ms. Blasey-Ford Legal Team: No Further Plans To Pursue Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh…
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