Racial differences in school discipline

Study shows wide varieties in discipline methods among very similar schools
By Donna St. George
Washington Post, 2011-07-18


The study showed that
97 percent of disciplined students got in trouble for “discretionary” offenses,
which can include serious fights
but often refer to classroom disruption and insubordination.
Fewer than 3 percent were ousted for violations with state-mandated punishment,
such as bringing weapons or drugs to school.

In an analysis that controlled for 83 variables
to isolate the effect of race on discipline,
the study found African American students
had a 31 percent higher likelihood of being disciplined for a discretionary offense,
compared with whites and Hispanics with similar characteristics.

The analysis also concluded that African Americans
had fewer mandatory-discipline offenses than whites or Hispanics.

Prior problem behavior accounts for the racial gap in school suspensions
John Paul Wright, Mark Alden Morgan, Michelle A. Coyne, Kevin M. Beaver, J.C. Barnes
Journal of Criminal Justice 2014