PC thuggery

“Anti-Racist Action vs. Matt Hale”:
Note who hides their identity and initiates violence.
Note how the tactics of disruption are euphemized as “shutting down.”

I got sick to my stomach at the use of violence by the left in the 1960s.
(Also, their use of “agent provocateurs” to spur a reaction.)
Obviously, violence is a never-ending tactic by some elements of our society.
Although those thugs are not identified,
it is not hard to predict their ethnicity.
(My views, it should be known, are informed by
my knowledge of
SDS members, tactics, and actions circa 1970).


On Shutting Down Pro-White Meetings
by Kevin MacDonald
TOO Blog, 2010-02-26


As Hillary Touts Free Speech,
Police Brutalize Ray McGovern

by Eric Garris
Antiwar.com Blog, 2011-02-17

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday
about the failures of foreign leaders to respect people’s freedoms,
a 71-year-old U.S. veteran Army officer,
a man who spent 27 years in the CIA and delivered presidential daily briefs,
a peace activist and proponent of nonviolence,
the man who famously confronted Donald Rumsfeld for his war lies,
the man who drafted our letter to Spain
and delivered it to the Spanish Embassy on Monday,
our friend Ray McGovern turned his back in silence.
As Clinton continued to speak about respecting the rights of protesters,
her guards –
including a uniformed policeman [a GWU security man]
and an unidentified plain-clothed official –
grabbed Ray, dragged him off violently, brutalized him,
double-cuffed him with metal handcuffs, and left him bleeding in jail.
As he was hauled away (see video), Ray shouted “So this is America?”
Clinton went right on mouthing her hypocrisies without a pause.

Ray told Rob Kall at OpEdNews what he had been protesting
by standing silently with his back turned:
[This is covered in depth by McGovern’s own column below.]

[What a despicable bitch Hillary is.
What Ray McGovern did
was a standard gesture of protest against
any representative of the administration then in power [Nixon-37]
who tried to speak on a college campus
during the time when Hillary Rodham was an undergraduate,
during the Vietnam War.
In fact, it was far milder than some of the more active, vocal, and cruder protests.

Here is the conclusion of the article:]

Ray compared this incident to his earlier questioning of Donald Rumsfeld,
an incident in which Ray did not stand in silent protest
but rather waited for his turn at the microphone
and did something U.S. journalists tend not to:
asked uncomfortable questions:

“When Clinton started talking about
how people beat up and arrested people in Iran,
it gave some poetic justice, a great irony,
to my standing there and what happened to me then,
when she’s talking about what happened in other countries
and there I am being handled in a vicious way…
God knows what would happen next.
Maybe some senior would ask her questions [she doesn't take questions].
As bad as Donald Rumsfeld was, he let me speak.
He let me speak and engaged me in dialog.”

“At the same [Rumsfeld] speech,
there was a courageous guy who stood with his back to Rumsfeld
the entire speech.
They left him completely alone and he walked out at the end, unbothered.

Four years later, things have changed.”

[Maybe it isn’t the change in time.
Maybe it’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Rumsfeld.]

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Beaten, Arrested
for Silent Protest at Clinton Speech

Democracy Now!, 2011-02-18

The Push of Conscience and Secretary Clinton
by Ray McGovern
Antiwar.com, 2011-02-24

[Here is an excerpt from the article,
followed, after a horizontal rule by some comments of mine.]

As the video of the event shows,
Secretary Clinton did not miss a beat in her speech
as she called for authoritarian governments to show respect for dissent
and to refrain from violence.
She spoke with what seemed to be an especially chilly sang froid,
as she ignored my silent witness
and the violent assault that took place right in front of her.

The experience gave me personal confirmation
of the impression that I had reluctantly drawn
from watching her behavior and its consequences over the past decade.
The incident was a kind of metaphor of
the much worse violence that Secretary Clinton
has coolly countenanced against others.

Again and again, Hillary Clinton –
both as a U.S. senator and as Secretary of State –
has demonstrated a nonchalant readiness to unleash the vast destructiveness of American military power.
The charitable explanation, I suppose, is that
she knows nothing of war from direct personal experience.

And that is also true of her husband,
her colleague Robert Gates at the Defense Department,
President Barack Obama,
and most of the White House functionaries blithely making decisions
to squander the lives and limbs of young soldiers in foreign adventures —
conflicts that even the top brass admit cannot be won with weapons.

To that article, I have appended a comment.
As of Friday, 2011-02-25, it was as follows:

Mr. McGovern,
You asked "Who are you? Who are you?".
Did you ever find out what organization the plainclothesman was from?
My guess would be her personal security detail,
but you have both more experience and better contacts than I.

I also noticed your account:
When somebody said, "Is that his blood?"
One of the cops said, "No, no I pricked my finger".

Did they ever give you a specific statement
of the official reason for their action?
You were treated exactly as a suspected criminal, or worse.
What was the explanation for the crime of which you were suspected?
Is standing and turning your back to Hillary Clinton a crime?
Obviously disrespectful, but is that a crime?
Sounds like those people who did what they did to you
were really out of control.

Of course, what they were really doing is trying to teach you a lesson,
on how disrespect to the great Hillary would be treated.
I remember when Jim Baker was SecState, he was dissed at speeches,
but so far as I know his opponents were never treated as you were.
But now we have Imperial Feminism.

Also, compare the treatment you received
to the kid glove treatment given Code Pink
at their frequent Capitol Hill demonstrations, and elsewhere.
Think those "authorities" would have given the same treatment
to a female who did exactly the same thing you did?

I wonder why this did not make the Washington Post?????????
What does that say about the Post?
If you had been in one of their favored groups,
women, blacks, homos, and Jews,
and suffered the experience you did,
this would have been front-page news.
Further, they would never have missed a chance to keep bringing it up.
Compare how they relentlessly hyped
then-Senator Allen's use of the word "Macaca".


U. of Missouri professor under fire in protest flap
by Roger Yu and Aamer Madhani
USA Today, 2015-11-10

[A YouTube video referenced in the above article:]
#ConcernedStudent1950 vs the media : U. Missouri, 2015-11-09
by Mark Schierbecker (6:36 video)


Protesters Disrupt Speech by ‘Bell Curve’ Author at Vermont College
New York Times, 2017-03-03

[This was also covered by Inside Higher Ed.]

BOSTON — Hundreds of students at Middlebury College in Vermont shouted down a controversial speaker on Thursday night, disrupting a program and confronting the speaker in an encounter that turned violent and left a faculty member injured.

Laurie L. Patton, the president of the college, issued an apology on Friday to all who attended the event and to the speaker, Charles Murray, 74, whose book “The Bell Curve,” published in 1994, was an explosive treatise arguing that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites because of their genetic makeup.

“Today our community begins the process of addressing the deep and troubling divisions that were on display last night,” Ms. Patton said in her statement, adding that the Middlebury community had “failed to live up to our core values.” She said that some of the protesters appeared to be from elsewhere but that Middlebury students had also been involved.

The chaotic scene at the small liberal arts college in Vermont drew sharp criticism from the right. Conservatives said that the students were intolerant, had engaged in mob mentality and were quashing free speech, while those on the left maintained that the speaker was racist and hateful and had no place on their campus.


[W]hen Mr. Murray rose to speak, he was shouted down by most of the more than 400 students packed into the room, several witnesses said.
Many turned their backs to him and chanted slogans like “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray go away!”

After almost 20 minutes, it was clear that he would not be able to give his speech, said [Bill Burger, a spokesman for the college]. Anticipating that such an outcry might happen, Mr. Murray was moved to a separate room equipped with a video camera so that Allison Stanger, a Middlebury professor of international politics and economics, could interview him over a live stream.
Mr. Burger said
the administration felt strongly that Mr. Murray’s right to free speech should be protected
and that “no one should have the heckler’s veto.”

Once the interview began in the second room, protesters swarmed into the hallway, chanting and pulling fire alarms.
Still, the interview was completed and officials, including Ms. Stanger, escorted Mr. Murray out the back of the building.

There, several masked protesters, who were believed to be outside agitators,
began pushing and shoving Mr. Murray and Ms. Stanger, Mr. Burger said.
“Someone grabbed Allison’s hair and twisted her neck,”
he said.

After the two got into a car, Mr. Burger said,
protesters pounded on it, rocked it back and forth, and jumped onto the hood.
Ms. Stanger later went to a hospital, where she was put in a neck brace.


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