PC inconsistency on race, immigration


It seems to me that a tenet and a goal of PC are inconsistent.

The tenet is that America is still a fundamentally racist place,
where blacks are held back from reaching their full potential,
more so than whites
(by the way, how many whites fulfill THEIR full potential?),
due to residual, deeply embedded, and hard to uproot, racism
and the legacy of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws and policies.
How many times have you heard that offered as THE reason
for the documented differences in black/white outcomes in various areas?

On the other hand (but never in the same breath),
we are told that America must open its borders to immigrants,
for whom America is a land of opportunity,
where their talents and work ethic can be rewarded
in ways that would never be possible in their native land.
Note that, for potential and actual immigrants from much of Africa,
their homeland is controlled by their fellow blacks.

Who is kidding whom here?
If America is such a racist place,
where blacks are held back on account of their race,
why do so many Africans want to, and do, immigrate to America?
And why cannot they realize their potential in polities
controlled by their fellow blacks?