Paying for gender insanity

First, I am not going to use the term some would like to use
for people who have the physical characteristics of one sex
but think that they are another sex,
namely, "transgender".
No, I am going to call these people what they are: insane,
more specifically, gender insane.
If the professional psychologists do not go along with labeling this as insanity,
that is not my fault, but theirs.

As an example, consider Bruce Jenner.
The New York Times reports on 2015-06-01:
“Bruce always had to tell a lie,”
Ms. Jenner said in a video.
“Caitlyn doesn’t have any secrets.”
Well, a rational response would be
to contemplate Bruce’s fathering of several children,
and ask “Which is the real lie?”
Can a woman produce the sperm which fertilizes an egg?
No, no, no.
Truly, someone who thinks a woman can produce sperm
is either ignorant or crazy.
Yet why will the media not point that out?
Why do they treat blatant insanity as sanity?

Now, having used the correct label for gender insanity,
on to a financial point:
Who pays for the pampering these nutjobs desire?
In the case of Bruce Jenner,
he as received, according to news reports,
"breast augmentation surgery" and various hormone "treatments."
I am sure such things are not cheap.
(Plastic surgeons, you may note,
are among the highest paid of the medical specialties.
Which only goes to show how much Americans are willing to squander on vanity.)

Who is paying for such catering to Jenner's fantasies?
Why on earth should the general public have to pay,
either through health insurance or
one or another of the many government-paid medical payment programs,
for such pampering?

The media reports that some medical doctors go along with this insanity.
Well, there have been many cases in history of doctors making wrong calls,
for one reason or another.
Just because some doctor somewhere says something
doesn't necessarily make it true.

I hope to God that someone in a position to do so
can find a way to challenge the opinion of some quacks that
pampering the gender insane is a "medical necessity."
Is the medical profession really in unanimous agreement that it is?
Say it ain't so, docs. Please.
For the financial health of America, if for no other reason.

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