Mohamed Noor and Darren Wilson

On 2014-08-09 Ferguson Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson, a white officer,
shot and killed Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black male.
Per Wikipedia,
“[Officer] Wilson gave his account of the incident in an interview with a detective on August 10,
and in testimony before the grand jury in September.”
Further, per Wikipedia,
On August 20, 2014, [a] grand jury started hearing evidence
in the case State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson,
in order to decide whether a crime was committed and if
there was probable cause to believe Wilson committed it.

On 2017-07-15 Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, a black officer,
shot and killed Justine Damond, a 40-year-old white woman.
As of the date I write this, 2017-08-03, Wikipedia reports
“[Officer] Noor has so far refused to speak with investigators”.
Attached to that statement, Wikipedia links to the article
“Minneapolis Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Justine Damond
Refusing To Be Interviewed”

I utterly fail to understand the difference
in how Officers Wilson and Noor have been treated
after each shot and killed an unarmed civilian.
Officer Wilson cooperated fully with those investigating his incident.
Officer Noor refuses to cooperate.

Michael Brown had physically assaulted and wounded Officer Wilson before he was shot.
Yet Officer Wilson was hauled before a grand jury and gave testimony to that jury regarding events.
On the other hand, Justine Damond, as far as is known at present, caused no harm to the Minneapolis police officers.
Yet, as far as I know, no grand jury is (yet) looking into her shooting.
Do only blacks have civil rights in America?
Evidently so.
The blacks demanding that Officer Wilson face criminal charges made their voices heard, loudly.
On the other hand, whites are, evidently, so intimidated by political correctness
that they will not demand that Officer Noor be treated similarly.
In fact, there are voices heard worrying that Officer Noor may be made a “scapegoat”.

Why, in God's name, have the two officers been treated so differently?
The only answer I can think of is that
Officer Noor is protected by the pigs of political correctness.
What other reason is there?

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