Male female differences

One would not think it necessary to explain male/female differences,
but the new PC insanity which seems to be taking over America
seems unable to grasp the difference.
As an example, consider the following:

Why Should a Government Agency Tell Me Who I Am?
by Tiq Milan
New York Times Opinion Pages: Room for Debate, 2014-10-19

(Tiq Milan is a senior media strategist for national news at GLAAD,
formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.)

State by state we are seeing policies proposed
that allow transgender students to use facilities and play on sports teams
that align with their sex identity.
The visibility of transgender people is increasing in the media
and our stories are being heard.
[One might ask why that is.]
This surge in visibility is influencing a broader conversation about
the fixed idea of what biological sex is and its usefulness.

I didn't choose to be labeled female at birth.
That was a fixed idea based on the way a doctor viewed my body.
I had no say in the matter.

It's ringing true for many people that gender is self-determined
and not something defined by a doctor or government agency.
It makes most sense to believe someone when they tell you their gender.
I didn't choose to be labeled female at birth.
That was a fixed idea based on the way a doctor viewed my body.
I had no say in the matter.
Changing my marker was an arduous task
and walking through the world with an “F” I didn't choose or identify with
proved to be a harmful and sometimes unsafe contradiction
to the man people saw before them.

Binary sex markers also completely exclude many intersex and gender nonconforming people.
Intersex people are often inaccurately labeled at birth,
some forced to have "corrective surgery"
and spend years trying to find a box to check that fits them.
An intersex friend of mine, assigned “female” at birth, grew to be a man.
Before coming to the realization that
he was not the gender on his birth certificate,
he was bullied by peers and the system,
alone and on the verge of suicide.

There's no merit to having pre-arranged binary sex markers on identification
that ignores the full gamut of identities.
Gender is a spectrum of self-identification,
not some immutable truth imposed by someone else,
and should be treated as such.

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Let me point out somethings that the cretins at GLAAD, such as M?. Milan,
do not seem to want to acknowledge.

Men have penises, testicles,
can at puberty ejaculate and produce the sperm
which is necessary to continue the human species.
Women have vaginas, uteruses,
at puberty begin menstruating and produce the ova or eggs
which are necessary to continue the human species.
Further, when their eggs are fertilized,
they can and do carry the fetus in their bodies
for roughly nine months,
until the fetus is capable of surviving on its own.

Those facts were not established by a doctor or by a government agency,
but either by God or by evolution, depending on your religious beliefs.

The brain of a "transgender" or "intersex" individual
can think anything it wants to think about sexual identity.
But that is purely a mental problem,
not a biological one.

Now, there are people who are biologically different,
having an unusual combination of sexual characteristics.
I have no problem with supporting those people
in adapting to a world of generally two genders.

But the "transgender" movement seems to want more than that.
It explicitly says that how one identifies oneself trumps ones biological makeup.
I think that is bridge way too far.

There is no limit to the ideas that human brains can come up with,
including ideas about their own sexuality.
But there should be a limit on the extent to which
society humors those requests.
And I think that limit should be the classical, biologically-determined one:
two sexes, male and female,
each with its own well-defined reproductive capabilities.

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